Handbag trends that will be everywhere this spring

No matter what month or season it is, we all get to witness a plethora of exciting and fresh trends that are specially designed in a way to breathe fresh air into an otherwise dull or old wardrobe. While clothing pieces certainly are the most essential thing to have in your closet, the remaining fashion articles also play a big role in making your outfit feel like one and more put together. It takes more than some clothing pieces to create fabulous outfits, your accessories, shoes, and even handbags contribute to tie the whole look together and make it appear more elevated and jazzed up.

Every fashion article has a vital role to play in making your outfit appear much cooler and chicer, and handbags also hold the ability to make or break your look. Handbags aren’t entirely a functional fashion article; they can do a lot more than that. Apart from helping you to carry some of your belongings and essentials with you wherever you go, they also help make the outfit look more put together. Having said that, a couple of new handbag trends are bubbling at the moment for the warmer months of the year ahead- spring and summer. If you have been planning to update your handbag collection, this is your chance to breathe fresh air into your closet in the form of some new and trendy handbags.

Sleek bags

Handbags with two-dimensional shapes are trending hard right now. The most noteworthy feature about these handbags is their shape that resembles a thin paper filing folder. While these handbags might not be the most practical or functional pieces granting the minimum amount of storage they come with, they certainly can help add that wow factor to your look, and not to mention, they look quite sleek and chic.

Netted carryalls

This one is yet another important handbag trend of the season. Featuring netted sort of detailing in different materials; these netted carryalls certainly are one of the best purchases for spring. Spring doesn’t feel like spring if market totes are not reintroduced to the fashion lot, hence this spring was no exception. These bags add a breezy feel to the look, and they also add a certain level of visual interest to the look.

Bright and bold colors

When it comes to making fashion purchases, not all of us like taking risks and most times try to settle for items that look more practical and feel safe. This is not only true for clothes but handbags as well. But as much as we like to play safe and settle for neutral colors like black, white, and brown, handbags in bright and bold hues are actually an excellent way to add a pop of color and breathe new life into your closet. If you are on the same page as us, you have an amazing opportunity to add new handbags in bold and bright hues to your closet this spring. These candy-colored bags will definitely help you to make a powerful statement.

Bottle bags

Handbags have become more practical than ever before. Designers have been rethinking handbag designs, and it is a result of that only that we are spotting bottle bags. Call it peculiar, incredible, or whatever you want, but the fact is these handbags are bubbling right now, and they definitely are a hot topic of discussion amongst the fashion lot. Bags featuring bottle holders or even individual bottle holder bags will make great additions to your wardrobe.

Extra-large totes

Do you like to carry your home with you wherever you go (pun intended!)? Well, then this handbag trend is definitely for you. If your regular-sized tote is unable to carry all the things that you want to bring along with you, you should definitely get your hands on extra-large totes that will literally carry all the things you want.

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