How Can You Dress in The Preppy Style?

The trends from the past are making comebacks and it is time for you to look at the new trend that made its way back from the past, the preppy style. The mix of old money and academia aesthetic, this trend can be said to be the one that was there during the early college days of America like the students of the ivy league. This aesthetic is all about being well, dressed, ironed clothes, and polished shoes, all these together make you look posh and elegant. The elements in this style are all about being well put together and sophisticated. A lot of well-known American brands are the reason for the popularity of this stunning and elegant style.

Look at the items you would be needing to create a preppy outfit.

Dress in The Preppy Style

1: Button Downs

Button Downs

Button downs are an ideal part of this style. You can get them in different colors. They go well with the aesthetic of old money and academia as well as go well with the trousers, pants, denim, skirts, and even look great when layered over with a vest or blazer. This provides you with a formal and sophisticated aura and thus is a must in this style.

2: Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts

Another piece of clothing that adds to the chic and elegant factor of the style is a pleated skirt. These skirts are available in several styles and lengths. These skirts are an important part of the style as it provides you the stylish and elegant plus cute vibes. You can style this skirt with a sweater, buttondown, tank top, turtleneck, and many others. You can layer your outfit with a varsity jacket or a blazer. This creates a chic and elegant look with the pleated skirt and makes you ready in this preppy style.

3: Pants and trousers

Pants and trousers

When you are getting dressed up in the preppy style that consists of being well put together and elegant, then you need to wear some nice khaki pants, regular pants, and trousers. These pants and trousers look great and provide you with an elegant and sophisticated look. Pair them with some button-downs or shirts and you get the look. To create a formal look you can layer it with a blazer and create a more casual look you can go with a varsity jacket. Accessorize the look to make it more preppy.

4: Mary janes

Mary janes

One of the footwear that is quite popular in this style is Mary Jane. These are the classic shoes that go when with the whole preppy aesthetic. These standard school shoes are now updated into something trendy. With the heels and platforms and the embellishments, these shoes are the ones that you should wear in preppy style. This provides the ideal elegant and scholarly vibe that the style goes with. You can also wear loafers and other formal shoes when you are dressing up in this style. Mary janes are just more popular when it comes to this style.

5: Classic jewelry

Classic jewelry

As told before, this style is a mix of academia and old money and one of the things that are common in both is the classic and elegant jewelry. You cannot complete any outfit without jewelry or any sort of accessory and thus here in this style, you can style some classic jewelry such as stunning bracelets, earrings, pearl necklaces, diamond bracelets, hoop earrings and so many more. To accessorize the look further you can use some hairbands or can use some other accessories to complete the look and dress up in the preppy style.


These items that are mentioned in the list are the things that you can use to create a classy and timeless look. These items make you ready for this chic preppy style. There are other things as well that you can use to create this style such as khaki shorts, knee-length socks, loafers, and so many other things. This trend is super cool and chic and you can mix match different things and create new outfits with it. The layering of different pieces of clothes is used a lot in this style. Dress up in this trendy style and be chic.

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