How can you style a bralette?

Bralette is a lot different and new kind of upper wear that people nowadays are wearing. These are stylish cropped tops with embellishments and lacework all around. It is a versatile piece of clothing. These bralettes are extremely stylish and yet at the same time comfortable to wear. But still, some of them do not know ways to style this piece of fashion. They have doubts as to should they invest in some of these new, fashionable pieces of clothing or not.

If you have a bralette and you still are a bit confused as to how can you pair it up with other clothing or how will you be able to style it up then do not worry and look at the points below and get to know about some styling tips regarding bralettes.

1: With a high waisted jean

High-waisted jean and bralette is the ultimate combination. High waist jeans go well on every type of body and the bralette compliments the high waisted jeans. The most classic combination would be some black or white bralette with denim jeans. If you feel like this is a bit too much and you feel a bit uncomfortable with this combination, then you can always accessorize the look with a jacket or some shrug.

2: Under a sheer shirt

If you have ever bought a pretty see-through sheer shirt but never worn it because you could not combine it with anything else then you can choose a bralette and wear one underneath the sheer shirt. A bralette under a sheer shirt makes a great combination and makes the outfit look cute and comfortable and at the same time stylish.

3: With a shrug

Bralettes alone can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable for some people. If you are one of those who like to wear a bralette but feel a bit uneasy wearing it alone then you can pair it up with some shrug and call it a day. You can wear some sheer shrug or even a warm cardigan if you feel like it. Shrugs not only provide you with another layer but also makes the outfit look cuter and add new colors to the look.

4: With pants and blazer

This is a perfect combination. All you need is some plain or lacey bralette and pair it up with some pants and a blazer. You can choose a long plain bralette made up of silk and pair it up with this combination and can wear it to some formal setting or dinner as well. Pair this up with some heels and you are ready to go. You can go all monochrome such as selecting all the clothes in the same color or you can add new pops of colors here and there. This combination looks elegant and chic.

5: Under a sweater

If you are wearing an oversized sweater and wish to add some elements to the outfit then you can add a bralette under the sweater. Bralette helps in adding a new layer to the outfit. If the sweater is a deep-necked one and you wish to wear something underneath then add a pretty vibrant bralette. Bralette adds a chic factor to the attire and makes the sweater have some layers and colors to it. It makes the upper wear pretty and adorable.

6: Under a leather jacket

Above mentioned points are all about being the outfit chic and pretty. Now let’s talk about how can you make the bralette into something edgy. All you need is a good pair of leather pants and a leather jacket. Style them and you can for yourself a sleek edgy look. Leather jackets go well with everything and so is a bralette so a combination of these two is a must-have.

Now you know a little bit about how you can style bralettes and pair them up with different clothing items. If you feel like pairing them with something else, then go for it and make a new combination of it. Wear and style the clothes in a way that you are comfortable in. You can try different types of styles and clothing and add a bralette to the look to see what that looks like. Enjoy coming up with new outfits with a bralette and styling it.

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