How Can You Style Your Blouse For Work?

The workplace needs you to be efficient and well dressed. This is why it is important to select the right kind of clothes so that you look professional and at the same time comfortable. There are so many clothes that can provide you with an elegant, professional look, one of them being a blouse. You can never go wrong with a blouse. No matter where you work, a blouse is always the right choice when it comes to selecting something for semi-formal or formal attire. You can pair a blouse with so many things such as a skirt, pants, denim, anything. Thus making it a versatile piece of clothing that can be paired and styled easily.
Let’s check how can you style a blouse for work.

How Should Your Blouse Be Worn for Work?

1: Blouse and wide pants

Blouse and wide pants

Wide pants are a lot trendy right now and if you want to make your work outfit sophisticated yet trendy then you can pair a cute blouse with wide pants. Wide pants are comfortable and make it easy to move around, thus being ideal for being the workplace outfit. You get a lot of options in selecting the colors when it comes to the pants or the blouse.

2: Pencil skirt and blouse

Pencil skirt and blouse

One of the most known formal outfits has to be a pencil skirt and blouse. This outfit is the one that you can wear to your work without any second thought. You need to have a nice pencil skirt that is well fitted. The extremely tight ones would be uncomfortable to move around in and the loose ones will give you a shabby look. You need to get a nice well fitted pencil skirt that you are comfortable in. check for the length of the skirt so that the outfit looks classy and professional.

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3: Jeans and blouse

Jeans and blouse

If you are looking for something casual or semi-formal then you can pair your formal blouses with a nice pair of denim. This provides you with a nice semi-formal look that is stylish and elegant and at the same time ideal for the workplace. If the weather is a bit cold then you can pair it with a cardigan or coat. You can accessorize the look as you want and can pair some good pairs of footwear that will be easy to walk around in and classy at the same time.

4: Blazer and dress pants with a blouse

Blazer and dress pants with a blouse

Let’s make the look formal and professional. You can pair your blouse with a nice set of dress pants and blazer and have a nice formal outfit. You can then wear some heels with this stunning look. This is a super classy and sophisticated look. A lot of women wear a suit to their work and thus this is one of the perfect outfits to select for the work. You can get a stylish blouse and pair it with some nice dress pants and a blazer for that professional look.

5: Midi skirt with a blouse

Midi skirt with a blouse

If your workplace has a flexible dress code and you want to dress a bit more casual for the work then you can look for some midi skirts. These skirts are super cute and chic and you can pair them with a nice blouse. You can get some ruffled blouse or some simple one and pair it with a midi skirt. You can then pair some nice footwear such as heels or some ballerina shoes or loafers and you are ready too. Keep your makeup to neutral or natural for the work. Accessorize the outfit a little bit.


You can look for other ways to make your blouse work together with other clothes and create a semi-formal or formal attire for your office. You can choose some prints and patterns or can get some plain blouses to mix with other clothes. There are other tops and T-shirts that you can wear when going to work. Pair them with skirts and pants along with some comfortable yet stylish footwear and you are ready to go. Present yourself clean and classy at your workplace. Dress up or down depending upon the dress code of your office.

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