How to choose the perfect sunglasses for your face?

Sunglasses are the one accessory that is a must-have. It does not matter what occasion it is or what season it is, sunglasses are a must with every outfit. They just make the outfit and the look a whole lot better. They make your look stylish and boost up your confidence. There are a lot of different kinds of sunglasses of all shapes, sizes, and colors available to you. It is easy to buy a pair of sunglasses but it is a lot difficult to know what looks the best on the particular face shape.

Look at the list below to know about the different types of face shapes and different sunglasses that go well with them. Sunglasses that go well with your face helps in enhancing the look and accentuating your facial features. Let’s get to know your face shape and the best pair of sunglasses for you.

1: Round face shape

This type of face shape means that the length and width of the face are balanced and almost the same. You have a nice, small chin with an even hairline. This type of face is usually small and if you are looking for a good pair of sunglasses then you can look for something that will make your face look a bit longer than it is. You can choose from some cute cat eyes to the classic and famous aviators. Try getting these in bold, dark colors. If you feel a bit experimental then you can go for some pretty, oversized sunglasses as well. all these options mentioned above suit this face shape

2: Oval face shape

This face shape is used to describe the face whose length is more than the width. This means that the face is on the leaner end with a broad forehead and slim jaw. The cheekbones are usually the highlight of such a face shape. Try opting for some cat-eyed sunglasses or some butterfly ones. You can also choose the all-time classic aviators as your go-to sunglasses. This type of sunglasses enhances your facial features. Sunglasses with thin frames look good as well. You can try oversized sunglasses but that kind of sunglasses tends to hide the eyebrows.

3: Heart face shape

High cheekbones, narrow chin are the highlights of this face shape. This face shape looks like an inverted triangle, meaning the forehead is the widest part and the chin the narrowest part of the face. To avoid having the forehead the focal point, you need to avoid wearing chunky and oversized sunglasses. If you have this type of face shape then you should wear some small framed sunglasses such as some round sunglasses or some smaller aviators. Thin framed sunglasses look exceptionally good on a heart-shaped face and accentuate the facial features and make you look good and confident.

4: Triangle face shape

This is the exact opposite of heart face shape. In this face shape, the forehead and cheekbones are the narrower part of the face and the chin is the wider part of the face. Here you need to get some focus on the forehead and cheekbones. You can opt for some cat-eyed sunglasses that will frame your face and give you a well-defined look. You can even go after some unique shaped sunglasses and some timeless classics as well. Make a statement off of your sunglasses.

5: Square face shape

Square faces have the almost same length and width with sharp features. The only difference between a square face and a round face is round face has a smooth, round hairline whereas a square face has a straight hairline. This type of face shape looks great with oversized sunglasses. This sunglass brings out your facial features. You can look for some bold colors that will add a pop of color to your outfit as well.

You now know what sunglasses look best on your face shape and which one will help you highlight your facial features. Accessorize your outfit with pretty or funky sunglasses. The list above only talks about the different sunglasses suitable for certain face shapes. If you feel comfortable in some other pair of sunglasses then do continue wearing it. Get the sunglasses that match your vibe and style. You can go all out and get large, chunky sunglasses or the classic ones as you wish. Enjoy accessorizing your outfits with unique and beautiful sunglasses.

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