How To Prevent Hair Breakage

We’re sure after trying out a bunch of remedies and things; you’re still fighting the battle with hair breakage!
Only the ones who are dealing with hair breakage now how badly they need to swap their tresses with strong and healthy ones, right? But we believe rather than looking for solutions you should look at what causes hair to break and when you know what causes, it’s really easy to treat.

What Is Hair Breakage?

Hair strands are made up of scales and when the scales become weak, hair tends to break. The weakening of hair not only leads to breakage but also makes your hair dry and prone to frizz.

What Leads To Hair Breakage

There are many reasons that could lead to hair breakage. From your diet, products used, to lifestyle changes there are many things that can lead to breakage.
The most common factors include-
• Using heat styling tools
• Chemically loaded hair products
• Poor diet
• Tying up the hair tightly
Besides, all of these, there could be a few body conditions such as Hypothyroidism that could lead to hair breakage. Hypothyroidism is a condition where the growth of thyroid hormones is reduced and thyroid hormones are very crucial for hair growth. If this is what leads to hair breakage in you make sure you visit the doctor.

How To Prevent Hair Breakage

Now when you know what hair breakage is and what causes the hair to break. It’s time you look for solutions. In this feed, we have compiled a few ways that are effective in treating hair breakage.
If you still experience hair fall, you should seek medical help.

Have A Good Haircare Routine

To have healthy and strong hair it’s really important to have a good haircare routine. And, your hair care routine must include these-
• Hair Oiling
Massage your hair with essential oils to stimulate blood flow and increase hair growth. Make sure you massage your hair regularly or before washing your hair.
• Use Mild Shampoo
Ditch chemically loaded cleansers and switch to mild cleansers. Also, wash your hair not more than twice a week. Over-washing your hair is also the factor that causes frizzy hair and hair breakage.
• Conditioner Is A Must
Make sure you apply conditioner to your hair after cleansing your hair. Conditioner helps in keeping your hair smooth and manageable, promoting hair growth.
• Deep Condition Your Hair
Every once a week follow a deep conditioning routine to treat damaged and rough hair. If you’ll treat damaged and rough hair, hair breakage will stop.
• Always let your hair dry naturally.
So, these are a few things every good hair care routine must include.

Have A Healthy Diet

Your hair is not only the result of what you feed on the outside but also the result of what you feed on the inside. Thus it’s really important to have a proper diet. Your diet must include vitamins, nutrients, and, minerals to boost hair growth and treat hair breakage.
Also, you can take hair supplements as what you eat only half of it goes to the hair and hair needs a lot more to grow.

Avoid Hair Styling Tools

Make sure you avoid using hair styling tools and keep your hair away from undergoing any chemical treatment such as hair coloring and smoothening. All this damages your hair which leads to hair breakage.

So, these are a few things you can do to prevent hair breakage. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help and the information served your purpose!

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