How to style a bandana

One of the accessories that are super chic and stylish and can be styled in more than one way is a bandana. This is a versatile piece of cloth that can be used in many ways to make the outfit stand out and for you to look great. Usually, bandanas are worn in the spring and summer seasons as they are of vibrant colors and look great in that season but you can also style them in the winter season if you wish to. Bandanas are square pieces of cloth with different patterns and vibrant colors that can go well with any and every outfit you wear. It looks good with casual clothes and adds a new element to the outfit.

You can style the bandana in several ways to make your outfit look better and more stylish.

Wearing one as a headband

One of the traditional ways to adorn a bandana is by wearing it on the head. You can wear one in the form of a headband such as wrapping the bandana over the head. You can take a square one and fold it diagonally and use it as a headband or you can take it and fold it into a one-inch roll and then tie it on your head. This gives your hair a pop of color and makes them look cuter. You can tie the knot on the back of your hair or at the front.

How to style a bandana

Misplaced the hair tie and are looking for one? No worries, if you have a bandana, you can tie your hair with one. All you need to do is take the bandana, wrap it around your hair and then tie a beautiful knot to keep the bandana in the place and to keep the hair altogether. This is a cute look that you can style on your hair. You can do a half hair up or can tie all of the hair together. You can even create braids with a bandana. Style your hair with some pretty, vibrant bandanas and look chic and cute.

Using it as a knot necklace

Bandanas are not only used for your head or to style your hair, you can also use these bandanas in other ways. Here you can use one as a knot necklace. All you need to do is take the bandana and either roll it and then tie it around the neck, then tie a knot in the front to style it up or you can just wrap and knot to the side as you like. These necklaces are usually worn with a shirt where you can keep a button or two.

Wearing it as a choker

If you have a small bandana and want to style it up in a chic way then you can wear it as a choker. You need to fold the bandana properly and then wrap it around your neck and then tie the loose ends together. This style looks cute when you are wearing dresses or some tees. This is a casual look that adds new color to the outfit. It looks amazing on a monochromatic outfit as it adds a pop of color to the whole look.

Tie it up on your denim

You can also elevate the look of your plain denim with some bandanas. You can tie it up on the belt look to have a new color on the jeans or you can tie it around two or more loops and then knot the bandana to secure and tighten the denim instead of the belt. This is a new trend going on where people use bandanas and other stuff to secure the jeans instead of the belt. You can also stitch some bandanas on the jeans to create new, vibrant jeans.


Get yourself some bandanas and make amazing outfits with them. You can use two or more bandanas if you want to so as to make your outfit chic and stylish. You can get several prints and several colors so that you can match bandanas with your clothes. This little accessory deserves recognition as they are so versatile and are available in such amazing stunning colors and prints. You can make your own ways to style one and how can you incorporate one in your outfit.


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