How to wear makeup on dry and flaky skin during winter

Wearing makeup during winters becomes such a task, considering our skin turns pretty dry and flaky due to a drastic dip in the temperature. While most of us look forward to welcoming winter for that much-needed respite from scorching and sweaty summer, it’s the dry and flaky skin that we dread the most. Dry and flaky skin is not the ideal base to put the makeup on; it’s merely a recipe for disaster that should be avoided at all costs.
Although it might seem a huge task to layer makeup on flaky skin, with a few makeup tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can make the entire process a lot easier and make your skin appear super soft and smooth. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the article below and find it for yourself.

Prep your skin before going to bed

Prepping your skin beforehand makes the application of makeup products a lot easier. This skin prepping doesn’t have to be done right before putting on the makeup; you can also do it the previous night before going to bed. If you have really parched and flaky skin, then you must consider using a thick moisturizer or facial oil the previous night before going to bed. Since night creams and facial oils are thicker in formula, they help in softening the dry skin and make it appear super smooth the following morning.

Use a moisturizer before applying makeup

Moisturizer plays a vital role in keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized, and plumped. It helps in preparing a soft canvas for the makeup products to glide on smoothly. Using your moisturizer correctly is one of the key elements of giving your makeup a very natural and non-cakey finish. Once you are done applying your regular winter moisturizer, look for the areas that still appear dry and flaky and apply a thick cream or moisturizer over those areas. Make sure to massage the products into the skin and let them rest for a few minutes before removing the excess product from the skin.

Apply a hydrating primer

Never underestimate the power of primer, especially when it’s a hydrating primer in question. Using a primer is especially important during winter as it forms a thin and protective layer between the skin and makeup, which keeps your face from looking dry and flaky. Also, make sure to use a hydrating primer as it allows the makeup to sit flawlessly on the skin without making the skin look flaky.

Use cream-based makeup products

Winter is not the best time to use powder-based makeup products; therefore, you should switch your powder-based products with cream-based ones, especially if you are someone who has dry and flaky skin. As opposed to powder-based products, cream-based products don’t feel drying on the skin or accentuate the dry patches. Hence, you should include cream-based products in your makeup kit during winter.

Apply your makeup with a damp makeup sponge

When it comes to applying your makeup, instead of using makeup brushes or your fingers, you should do it using a damp makeup sponge. If you have really dry and flaky skin, you should avoid using makeup brushes as they enhance the dry patches on the face. Apply all your makeup products including foundation and concealer using a damp makeup sponge and make sure to use it in a short and patting motion. Using this application technique would allow the makeup to sit flawlessly on the skin and create a nice base for the rest of the products without accentuating the dry patches on the skin. Just make sure to not rub the makeup sponge on the skin or else it would aggravate the dry spots.

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