Ingenious ways to make your lashes look fluttery each day

Your eyelashes can make such a huge difference to your look. And no matter what kind of lashes you’re blessed, there is a fix for every beauty problem. While making the lashes look fluttery and luscious has never been a problem for those who already are blessed with such lashes naturally, the remaining few of us who have sparse and small lashes have to go through an ordeal of wearing fake lashes aka falsies every day. While falsies do come in super handy to make the lashes look fuller, longer, and luscious, wearing them every day can be a bit of a hassle, and that’s when mascara comes into the picture.

Mascara is one of those products that can be easily found in almost every girl’s makeup arsenal, it can work wonders for your look, but some girls still struggle to use the product correctly and make the lashes look fluttery each day. If you belong to the same category, lucky for you, we have got some tips and tricks for you that will help in making your lashes look luscious all day every day.

Always curl your lashes using an eyelash curler

One of the main keys to making your natural lashes look fluttery and luscious is by giving them a certain lift using an eyelash curler. This tool single-handedly can help in adding that wow factor to your lashes. Hold the curler near the base of your roots and start curling them while slowly moving towards the tips. This will give your lashes a nice upward curl, and after that, you can coat them with your mascara. Also, you should always use your eyelash curler before putting on the mascara and not after that.

Keep a gap between coating your lashes

When it comes to coating your lashes with mascara, you should always be a little patience while using this product. Since mascara takes a few seconds if not minutes to dry completely, you should always keep a gap between coating your lashes. For instance, when you have applied the first coat to your lashes, wait for the mascara on your lashes to get dry and after ensuring that it has dried, you can apply the second coat to the lashes. This will make sure that the mascara doesn’t get clumped.

Run a lash comb through your lashes

Clumpy and spidery lashes look really hideous, and they also make your eyes look very tired and shabby. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is by running a lash comb through the lashes. After applying the first coat of mascara to your lashes, wait for some time to let the product get a bit dry, and then run a lash comb through your lashes to separate them. Finish it off with the second coat of mascara, and you will be good to go.

Use different mascara wands

Much like formula, mascara wands also come in all different types. Each mascara wand is shaped differently and is known for its different characteristics. Some wands are easier to work with and some are slightly tricky. If you have found the perfect mascara wand for yourself but prefer a different mascara formula, after cleaning the brush off, you can use it to apply the product.

Take extra care of your lashes

Much like your hair and skin, your lashes can also use some TLC. Treating them to products that can prove to be beneficial for their health is something you should regularly do. Products like lash conditioner that can also serve as a lash primer allow smooth application of mascara. Additionally, you can also invest in eyelash growth serum that helps in growing thicker, fuller, and longer lashes.


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