Jewelry trends that are no longer in style and what we are buying instead

Nothing can elevate the look of your outfit the way a piece of jewelry does. Adding something as simple as a pair of stud earrings instantly ups the charm of the outfit and make it look all the more sophisticated and elegant. If we speak of functionality and practicality, jewelry is possibly one of the best investments to make when it comes to fashion. It can be worn on multiple occasions without making the outfit look repetitive. And as much as we love to hoard all different jewelry pieces, there’s no denying the fact that every piece of jewelry can only manage to look amazing and stylish for some time, and after that, it has to be retired only to be replaced with something that is on-trend.
Much like shoes and clothing trends, jewelry trends also keep coming and going out of fashion. While everybody talks about jewelry pieces that are in trend right now, we thought of sharing with you the jewelry trends that no longer feel relevant. It’s time to cleanse your jewelry box of all the jewelry trends that are longer relevant to make space for all the newer jewelry trends you would be adding instead.

Out: Minimalist pieces
In: Chunky pieces and layering

There was a time when wearing minimal jewelry was a thing, and as much as we enjoyed styling our outfits in such a minimalistic way, it somehow failed to look extra appealing and captivating. Chunky jewelry pieces, on the other hand, are all the rage at the moment. In addition to adding the perfect amount of bling to any outfit, they also lend a chic and forward vibe to the ensemble. Since we’re approaching the colder months of the year, it would seem quite practical to invest in chunky pieces as they won’t hide underneath those chunky and layered outfits. You can also play around with pieces in different textures and layer them with each other.

Out: Delicate gold stacking rings
In: Gold cocktail rings

Skinny gold stacking rings look all dainty and pretty, but they seem to have lost their charm. Instead of filling your fingers with skinny gold stacking rings, opt for a statement piece instead such as a gold cocktail ring. Gold cocktail rings never fail to grab the attention, they are basically the hero of your look that can also be a conversation starter and at the same time look very empowering. If you are heading out to meet your friends or any other gathering, sliding a cocktail ring into your index finger would make for such a statement piece.

Out: Oversize earrings
In: Layered charm necklaces

Oversize earrings are a statement-making piece on their own, they can easily grab the attention and make a lot of heads turn, but we certainly have had enough of them. It’s time to give our ears a break from all that heavy weight of the earrings. What you can do instead is to stack your huggies, cuffs, and studs artfully to make a subtle yet chic statement.
Charm necklaces have always been almost every woman’s personal favorite, layering different shapes, stones, and textures helps in creating a look that is personal to you. No matter how you layer your charms, the final look would be nothing but effortless.

Out: Diamond collars
In: Symbolic jewelry

Fancy diamond collars might have all the bling and drama we need to add to our outfit, but they certainly seem to have lost their charm, and we would happily trade this piece for something that is more practical, layer-able, and looks more clean and bold. Jewelry pieces that are more meaningful and look effortlessly stunning at the same time seem more relevant right now. Symbolic jewelry is one of the latest trends of this season. Meaningful symbols like heart, evil eye, butterfly, moon, etc. are some of the pieces people are gravitating towards. People are also opting for necklaces with the initial of their names or the loved ones.

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