Jewelry trends that are right on the money and the ones that feel outdated

No matter if you are a minimalist or like to go the extra mile to make yourself look fashionably chic and stylish, jewelry is something that almost every woman likes to incorporate into their looks. Unlike most clothing pieces, jewelry is more of a personal fashion purchase, considering every woman likes to wear jewelry differently. Some women stick to wearing a certain ring or bracelet all the time, some others like to wear it on special occasions only. While some women like to wear their cherished family heirlooms, a few of them, on the other hand, opt for of-the-moment trends to make the outfit look more fashion-forward.

Outfits without jewelry tend to feel slightly incomplete, adding something as basic as a dainty pair of earrings can completely change the vibe of the look, that’s how much power these ornament pieces hold. Whether you like to wear jewelry every day or don it on special occasions only, there are a couple of jewelry trends that are bubbling right now, and the fashion lot has been eyeing them. Apart from making you learn about the jewelry trends that feel of-the-moment, we will also be getting you familiar with some jewelry trends that feel outdated and can totally be retired to make room for other trending pieces.


Outdated: Simple stud earrings
Trending: Distinctive pearls

Whether you want to make a powerful statement or keep the vibe minimal and dainty, pearls are easily your safest bet when it comes to jewelry. They are a fail-safe choice that will always have your back, no matter what. One of the many things that differentiate pearls from other jewelry pieces is their timeless appeal that works like charm for almost every outfit. With so many different takes on pearls this year, you are sure to find some unconventional pieces that not only look statement-making but also lend a sense of sophistication and flair to even the most boring outfit.


Outdated: Lucite jewelry
Trending: Heritage designer jewelry

Don’t you like the idea of having some jewelry pieces that you can pass on to your daughter or even granddaughter in the future? Such jewelry pieces are worth splurging on, especially when the jewelry designs are so timeless yet chic and beautiful. If you are on the same page as us, then you should consider investing in designer logo jewelry, which can be anything from necklaces to earrings. Lucite jewelry, on the other hand, doesn’t feel relevant right now; hence it’s better to retire it so that you can make some room for other jewelry pieces in your jewelry box.


Outdated: Shell necklaces
Trending: Initial necklaces

While shell necklaces certainly are a cool and breezy way to make your outfit feel more elevated and chic, they don’t feel relevant at the moment. But you don’t need to feel disappointed as there is an excellent alternative to shell necklaces, which happens to be none other than initial necklaces. Alphabet or initial necklaces are having a moment right now; you can spot them in an array of beautiful options. They will help add so much personality to your look with a hint of a dainty vibe.


Outdated: Monochrome jewelry pieces
Trending: Mix of colors and materials

As much as we like the idea of keeping things monochromatic, it doesn’t hurt to experiment a little and step out of your comfort zone sometimes. And that’s what the latest jewelry trend suggests that focuses on mixing and matching different colors and materials to add an interesting twist to the look with minimal effort. From rings and bracelets to earrings and necklaces, there are so many pretty options to choose from.

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