Let’s try and make the curls stay longer

Everyone loves some cute curls that create volume and make the hair look great. If you are bored with your regular hair and want to make your hair look stunning then look for some different kinds of curls you can try on your hair to make them the main focus of the look. You can create so many looks with different kinds of curls and make your hair look gorgeous. The main problem that occurs when you curl your hair is to make them stay. Sometimes due to the type of hair you have, the curls do not stay longer and they tend to open and make the look weird and untidy.

Look at the different ways you can make sure that your curls will stay longer and you need not worry about the hairstyle and the way it looks.

Clean your hair and use products to add some volume

Make sure that your hair is clean before you curl them. Curls last longer when your hair is clean and void of any oil or germs. Use some good-quality shampoo and conditioner on your hair. You can use one that provides your hair with some extra volume and does not make them lay flat on your scalp. If your hair is clean and tidy without any oil or grease then you can be sure that the curls will stay for longer than if you curl your hair without washing them first,

Blow dry your hair before curling

You cannot use a curler directly onto your wet hair therefore it is better to blow dry your hair before curling them. Blow drying not only removes water and makes the hair dry but also adds some extra volume to your hair. This helps in making the hair ready for curls and makes the curls stay longer. The extra volume created by the blow dryer makes the hair look thick and makes the curls look stunning.

Use a good quality curler that does not damage the hair

It is important to use a good quality curler on your hair. You can use a hair straightener to curl your hair as well. But make sure whatever appliance you are using is of good quality and does not harm your hair. curling rods and irons tend to damage the hair and break them or make them rough and remove the nutrients from the hair. Use the curler that has a protective layer to protect your hair and the one that can curl the hair properly.

Take care of the hair before curling

You need to take care of the hair when you curl your hair. make sure to add some damage repair products to your hair routine if you style your hair on the regular basis. Apply a generous amount of heat protection on your hair before using a curler onto your hair. the heat from the curler can damage your hair and make them frizzy and rough and avoid that you must apply a good amount of heat protector to make sure you minimize the damage and make your curls look gorgeous.

Apply setting spray to make sure the curls stay in place

Curls cannot stay for a long period of time on their own. To make sure the curls stay put and to make sure your hairstyle and look do not get messy or untidy, spray some setting spray on your curls. This makes the curls stay put and the curls do not get loose after some time. You can get a setting spray that comes with heat protection so you do not need to use so many products on your hair.

Using these you can help your curl stay longer and make sure that your look remains tidy and well kept. The duration of curls to stay depends a lot on the type of hair you have. You can have extremely soft and silky hair that can be a bit difficult to style or you can have a great volume of hair that can be a bit tiresome to style. It all depends upon what texture of hair you have. But you need not worry, use the above-mentioned techniques and see that the curls stay longer than they used to. Make sure to curl your hair properly and use proper precautions while curling.

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