Makeup hacks to fake fuller lips

There was a time when getting fuller lips was only possible through those expensive surgical and non-surgical methods that certainly wasn’t the feasible option for people with a tight budget. However, we all have come afar, and things have definitely evolved, so have the methods to get fuller lips. Thanks to the genius minds and beauty innovators around the world, we have been introduced to endless makeup products, tips, and tricks over the years. Getting fuller lips now is as easy as using some makeup products astutely and making them work accordingly to acquire the desired result. If you are looking for more of a permanent solution to get fuller lips, opting for surgery would possibly be your safest bet, but if you are someone who is looking for more of a temporary and economical solution, we have got some really amazing makeup hacks for you that will instantly give the illusion of fuller lips. Read on to know about them.

Always prep your lips first

Lack of care and attention can make your lips pretty rough and dry. Therefore, it’s imperative to tend to your lips and give them all the love and pampering they need in order to make them look fuller. The layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your lips can make them look pretty dry, thereby, it’s important to exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub, followed by a nourishing lip balm. The smoother and hydrated your lips feel, the fuller and plumper they will look. Additionally, prepping your lips beforehand will allow easy application of the rest of the products.

Apply a thin layer of concealer on your lips

Just like your eyelids, your lips also need a base to allow the easy and smooth application of the rest of the products. If you don’t have a lip primer with you at the moment, you can either use a concealer or foundation to do the trick. Apply a thin layer of the product on your lips, and it will help to create a blank canvas for other products to glide on smoothly. Just make sure to not go overboard with the product, a tiny amount of it would be more than enough.

Contour your lips


Some makeup tricks and hacks come in super handy when it comes to faking fuller lips. And one of the easiest ways to give an illusion of fuller lips is by contouring your lips. Contouring can easily manipulate the original dimensions of your face when done correctly. And when it comes to making your lips look fuller, all you will have to do is to dust some of the product underneath the center of your lower lip, and it will do the trick, as simple as that!

Add highlighter to your cupid’s bow

Another genius way to fake fuller lips is by using the highlighter. This trick works quite effectively when done correctly. Take your favorite highlighter and apply a tiny bit of it to your cupid’s bow. Highlighting your cupid’s bow automatically gives the lips a fuller and plumper appearance. You can also dust some highlighter on the center of your bottom lip for extra volume.

Fill your lips with a nude lip color

No matter what kind of makeup look you’re trying to ace, nude lips go with almost everything. Granting how versatile this lip shade is, you can never really go wrong with it. While it’s an extremely gorgeous shade and looks flattering on every skin tone, it also has the ability to make your lips fuller and luscious. To add extra volume and oomph to the lips, you can apply a nude lip gloss to the center of your bottom lip.

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