Makeup tricks that will help you look better in photos

Makeup can do absolute wonders for anyone, all it takes is learning the right makeup application technique and owning the right makeup products for your skin type in order to make everything look perfect and flawless. However, the problem arises when the selfies you clicked don’t do justice to the kind of makeup you have done, and they don’t turn out to be great. While it can be quite a disappointment, this shouldn’t deter you, in fact, you should try to understand where you are going and what can be done to avoid this issue the next time you take pictures.
Whether you are taking selfies or joining a virtual meeting with your team, by making a few tweaks to your daily makeup habits, you can manage to look your absolute best on camera or in every photographic situation. We have got some really amazing makeup tricks for you that will help you to look 10 times better in photos. Read on to know about them.

Focus on reducing the skin texturel

Your skin texture can look quite different on camera than it looks in the mirror. Therefore, in order to get your makeup to look smooth and flawless, it’s important to apply each product with the right makeup tools. While it might seem fine to use your fingers for applying makeup, it can end up transferring oil and bacteria on your skin, which can result in acne. Thereby, you should use makeup brushes to apply makeup. As far as makeup products are concerned, you should use a lightweight foundation and primer to reduce skin texture, and as for your concealer, you should blend it with a fluffy brush

Skip heavy contour in favor of blush and highlighter

Heavy contouring can easily age you, therefore, it’s best if you skip this step and move ahead with blush and highlighter. Contouring tends to create an illusion of hollow cheeks that can accentuate the appearance of density loss. Blush and highlighter, on the other hand, helps to add a youthful glow to the skin, however, it’s important to use them correctly in order to achieve the desired results. For blush, you can use peachy tones, and as for your highlighter, apply it on the high points of your face to add a lifting effect.

Set your skincare in place

If you are worried that your makeup is going to come off amidst the day, we have got a hack for you that will surely work. Before you begin with your makeup, make sure to prep your skin well enough by using the right skincare products, including moisturizer, toner, SPF, etc. And once you are done with that, set your skincare in place by dusting some setting powder or spritzing makeup setting spray all over your face. This will make your makeup super smooth and long-lasting.

Keeps the lips glossy

Enhancing your lips is one of the main keys to looking better in photos. If you have pretty thin lips, using opaque colors or nude tones will make them look even thinner. Therefore, make sure to add some color to your lips and add a finishing touch to it with the help of a lip gloss to achieve vibrant and high-sheen lips.

Take your eye game up a notch

The easiest way to add a dash of drama and brightening effect to your eyes is by using both mascara and eyeliner in a blue tone. They will help to make your eyes pop and will also make the whites of your eyes look brighter. Bluish tones have the ability to add some visual interest to your eyes, you can use this makeup trick on days when you want to take your eye game up a notch.

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