Mistakes you should avoid while shaving your underarms

Getting rid of body hair can be one of the most intimidating and tedious jobs to do. While it does feel good to have baby soft and super smooth skin, all that effort and pain some hair removal methods involve can easily stress anybody out. There are so many different ways of getting rid of body hair, while some people choose to go hard and painful by opting for waxing, the other few like to keep the process painless and fuss-free by opting for shaving or hair-removal creams. Every person has different preferences and tolerance levels, but we are not here to judge you on the basis of what hair removal method you choose.
We have to admit that shaving is one of the quickest, fuss-free, and painless ways to get rid of body hair, and we all have reached out for our razors every once in a while, especially when it comes to shaving underarms, given how simple the entire process is. Using a razor is not a problem as long as you are doing things the right way, but making a few bad and wrong choices while shaving your underarms can actually end up causing you some trouble that usually arises in the form of razor burn, ingrown hair, and skin darkening. We have listed some common mistakes many women end up making while shaving their underarms and how you can avoid them.

Skipping exfoliation

Exfoliation is an important skincare step, while you should exfoliate your entire body every couple of days, you should also exfoliate your underarms, especially right before shaving them. The major reason behind exfoliation is to help your skin get rid of dead skin cells that leave the underarms feeling smoother and allow underarm hair to be shaved closely. Additionally, exfoliation would make it easier for you to get rid of unwanted hair whilst also preventing ingrown hair.

Using the same razor every time

While razors are more practical and economical than any other hair removal method, it doesn’t mean you will keep using the same razor each time you have to remove your underarm hair. Razors tend to get blunt after being used a couple of times. And using the same razor for too long will never provide the best results, therefore, you should always switch your old razor with a new one every once in a while. Razors can also harbor bacteria on their blade, and that can result in skin infections, therefore, you shouldn’t use the same one for too long. Also, always use slow and gentle strokes to remove underarm hair as new razors tend to be sharper.

Over shaving

We are sure, so many of us must be guilty of making this mistake, and we should definitely put a full stop to it. Your underarm is a very delicate area, and almost every woman ends up using 10 strokes on an average, which is a bit too much for an area that is extremely delicate. Over shaving your underarms can leave the skin feeling excessively dry, sensitive, and it also removes the protective layer from the skin. Therefore, you should only shave when it’s absolutely necessary and make sure to do it very gently.

Not shaving in an X pattern

If you already weren’t aware of this thing, we are here to shed some light on it. There’s the right way of shaving, and that involves shaving your underarms in an X pattern. Shaving your underarms this way not only helps in getting the closest shave possible, but it also leaves your skin far less irritated. Hold the skin below your underarm tout, and then shave your underarm in an X pattern. The only reason this trick works is because your underarm hair doesn’t grow in the same direction.

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