Must-have lipstick shades for mature women

lipstick shades for mature women

Lipsticks have been around for ages, still, they remain one of the most-loved and vital makeup products, and we don’t see why not. Just a single swatch of lipstick across the lips transforms a person from drab to fab in no time. Lipsticks are worn by females of almost every age group; it helps to tie the whole look together and adds much-needed spice to the look. You can find lipsticks in almost every possible shade, from browns and pinks to reds and corals, there’s no dearth of options when it comes to finding the perfect shade for your skin tone.

While skin tone is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a lipstick, your age also has something to do with it. There are no rules to makeup, you can choose to wear whichever lip color you like, basically, you can do things as they please you. However, there’s also no denying the fact that certain lip colors turn out gorgeously on certain women. We can’t stay young forever, there comes a time when our skin starts to look mature as we age, and we should embrace it gracefully. Lipsticks are a great mood-booster, and they can completely transform the way you look.

Listed below are a couple of shades that look especially gorgeous on mature women.

Pink-based nudes

Pink-based nudes lipstick shades
Nude color is a fail-safe choice when it comes to lipsticks; however, it’s important to purchase it in the right undertone to ensure it looks gorgeous on your mature lips, not flat. If you still cannot find the right shade for yourself, you can go with a pink-based nude lipstick. It is a very beautiful shade and makes your lips look youthful when worn correctly. You can apply a tiny amount of lip gloss over your lipstick to achieve a glossy finish.

Red wine

Red wine lipstick shades
Red wine is one of the most beautiful lipstick shades out there; it looks rich, bold, and sophisticated. Additionally, red wine is a universally flattering color; it looks gorgeous on women of every age group. But nobody can pull this shade off as stunningly and beautifully as mature women do. Therefore, you must add this shade to your makeup kit.

True red

True red lipstick shades
No woman can ever go wrong with red lipstick; it is a must-have makeup product. Much like red wine, red lipstick looks beautiful on women of every age, regardless of their skin tone. It instantly adds so much spice and drama to the look. Additionally, red lips can make anyone feel sexy and confident in no time, therefore, if you feel your outfit is missing that appeal, you can simply apply your red lipstick. Also, red lipstick works for almost every occasion; it single-handedly can manage to make you look like a glam diva in no time.

Fuchsia pink

Fuchsia pink lipstick shades
Pink lipsticks are not only for young women, mature women can also rock this shade as gracefully as any other shade on the list. You just need to find a shade that looks the most flattering on you. While red is more on the bold and sexy side, fuchsia pink is a great way to jazz up any outfit and add a feminine touch to the look.


Brick/brown lipstic shades
It may seem like an obvious color choice, but brown or brick lipsticks are two of the best shades to include in your makeup kit. When you are not in a mood to wear your favorite nude lipstick, you can choose to wear brick or brown lipstick for a muted glam look. If you are comfortable wearing dark brown lipstick, you can rock it to any of the night events by adding some eyeliner and mascara for a glam look.

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