Nail trends you need to try this fall

Fall is officially here, and we are sure you have already started working on transitioning your summer wardrobe to fall wardrobe, but is your wardrobe the only thing that needs an upgrade? As important as it is to have your fall clothes right in the front of the closet, it wouldn’t hurt to give yourself a little and much-needed makeover physically. While hair cut or hair color is cool and all, your naked nails could also use some colors to make those pretty hands look even prettier. While stocking up the new and trending fashion articles might not feel necessary or feasible, giving yourself a chic manicure at home is certainly doable.
Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that deserves to look pretty and colorful; your nails could also get the same treatment, especially when the nail trends are this chic and moody this fall. Whether you choose to do it at home by yourself or at a salon by taking necessary precautions, a fresh manicure will instantly boost your spirit and make you feel like a happy little girl. Take a look at the article below to find out what nails are trending this fall.

Denim-inspired blue

Feeling quarantine blues? No worries, denim-inspired blue nails would happily chase away the quarantine blues and make you a happy little girl this fall. Move beyond pinks and pastels and give your nails a bolder and richer look by getting them painted in electric shades of blue. Denim-inspired blues are especially trending this season. It looks very striking and captivating, plus, it’s the perfect color to go with all your muted and earthy toned outfits this fall.

Shades of brown and opaque nudes

What better season than fall to try out moody and muted nails? If you find yourself gravitating towards nude and a bit toned down shades, opaque nudes and tonal browns would make for an excellent choice as they look very sophisticated and classy at the same time. There is a vast scope when it comes to trying out nudes, and edgier nudes look far more chic and fresher than a classic beige or pink. Plus, nudes look quite flattering on every skin tone.

Range of reds

You can never really go wrong with red nails; it feels classic and quite rich, which instantly elevate the whole appearance of your outfit. This sultry shade is possibly one of the hottest trends of the season; you can expect to see it in a wide range of hues varying from classic blue tone to hot orange-reds. Whatever hue you pick, it would come out beautifully whilst adding some kind of richness to your entire look.

Classic black

Black is arguably one of the fail-safe choices, and you can’t ever go wrong with this classic shade. The best part about this nail trend is its versatility and the ability to be worn in so many chic styles. So, if you find yourself confused between two options, you can simply go for classic black nails, and it would instantly add a whole new vibe to your look, which mostly looks super edgy and cool. Whether you opt for a shiny black manicure or black nails with a chipped finish, it would look chic and modern either way.

French nails

Classic French nails are seeing a sudden surge in their popularity. This clean and crisp style looks quite flattering, and it also helps to elevate just any kind of look. The only complicated thing about this manicure is getting it done by yourself at home as it requires a steady hand to make the tips look perfect. Therefore, you should book an appointment at the nail salon to get this feminine and elegant manicure.

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