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Noteworthy sunglasses trends that are bubbling right now

Noteworthy sunglasses trends that are bubbling right now

Sometimes a pair of sunglasses is all it takes to make an outfit look complete and flawless. An accessory as basic and common as sunglasses can work wonders for your outfits and take your fashion game up a notch in the most effortless way. Whether heading to the beach or going out for a lunch with your friends, the easiest way to elevate your daytime look is by sporting a chic pair of sunglasses, and you will be ready to rock the day. But one thing to keep in mind when it comes to sunglasses is they hold the ability to make or break the look, and that majorly depends on the silhouette of sunglasses. Hence, you need to make the purchase carefully based on your face shape. Apart from that, the trends also matter, and there are a couple of sunglasses trends that are gaining heat at the moment unless you don’t believe in following trends.
If you are planning to invest in sunglasses and want to expand your sunglasses collection, now is the right time to shop as there are a couple of exciting sunglasses trends that are bubbling at the moment.


Oversized sunglasses

The fashion lot seems to have some kind of obsession with the oversize silhouette, and it’s not just the clothes but sunglasses as well. The 70s inspired oversize sunglasses are making a comeback this year, and they are arguably one of the best pairs to make a statement. While sunglasses with small frames are having a moment for a while now, they might get replaced with oversize frames, which doesn’t really sound like a bad idea.


Angular sunglasses

Angular sunglasses are yet another great pair to include in your collection; they are an incredible way to make your outfit look chic and stylish in an instant. Whether wearing your comfy sweatpants or edgy leather pants, angular sunglasses will instantly take your fashion game one step ahead and make you look all the more chic and vogue. If not angular-shaped frame, you can consider investing in cat-eye shades, and if you want to go for a fail-safe option, then you should look no further than black shades.


Aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are a more bold and sleek version of oversize sunglasses. The key difference between the two styles is the top, while oversize sunglasses slightly bulge out, aviator sunglasses, on the other hand, feature a flat top and that somehow looks way cooler and bold. This pair of sunglasses will help add some flair and a hint of edginess to the look without looking OTT. Additionally, aviator sunglasses make you feel more fierce and stylish, hence if you feel your outfit is missing that wow element, you can always reach for your aviator sunglasses to do their magic.


Square sunglasses

A square frame is a classic silhouette, and although it isn’t necessarily a trend, it will be in the spotlight in 2021. Square sunglasses are one of the best pairs you can have in your collection, they look uber-cool and chic. You can make any outfit look ten times cooler and stylish by sporting square sunglasses. Also, this frame, in particular, makes you feel more confident and powerful and looks effortless, no matter the outfit.


Colorful sunglasses

Sure, sunglasses in neutral hues look classy and impressive, but if you want to add some fun and quirky element to your look, then you should look no further than colorful sunglasses. These sunglasses in fun colors look absolutely cool and chic, and they are probably one of the easiest ways to add a playful vibe to your look.