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 Quick and easy bun hairstyles for short-haired girls

 Quick and easy bun hairstyles for short-haired girls

Cutting the long hair short sure is a very bold and daring move, but it drastically transforms the whole look and makes you look much younger when done the right way. The only concern with short hair is the lack of hairstyling options, which can be quite a problem, especially when you have an important event to attend. However, there’s this one hairstyle that can be done and styled in multiple ways and can easily be carried on several occasions, no matter if you are running errands or heading to an event. This hairstyle happens to be none other than the good old bun, which is a go-to hairstyle of pretty much every other girl in the world. Considering how versatile bun hairstyles are, you can’t really go wrong with them.
Buns look good on every hair, no matter the length. They are super quick and easy to create, hence, the immense popularity of this hairstyle. All the short-haired girls out there, if you were looking for some easy and quick bun hairstyles for yourself, your search ends here. We have put together a list of 5 chic bun hairstyles that are anything but boring.

Low messy bun

A low messy bun is probably the easiest hairstyles of all, and it looks effortlessly gorgeous, no matter the outfit. You can either make this hairstyle look super classy, or you can just work with it casually. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to create this hairstyle, and it turns out even more beautifully on girls with short hair. The messier the hair, the better the bun would look.

Sleek top knot

If you are more into neat and sleek hairstyles, then no other hairstyle would work better for you than a sleek top knot, which looks super chic and classy. Although with short hair, it might seem an impossible task to pull your hair together in a sleek top knot, when done correctly by following the right tutorial, you can actually nail this hairstyle like an absolute pro. Also, you can keep those nasty flyaways in check by using a hair gel or hair spray.

Space buns

If you want your hairstyle to look a little quirky and playful, space buns would make for the perfect choice as they look super chic and fanciful at the same time. And when one bun just doesn’t work for you, you can easily make two cute buns. Your age doesn’t really matter when it comes to sporting space buns, you can carry this hairstyle whenever or wherever you want, except for the formal events, of course. And personally, we think that space buns look much chicer on short hair.

Loose side bun

It is yet another super-duper amazing bun hairstyle that can be created in a matter of a few minutes without too much hassle, although it does require a bit of effort. The best part about this hairstyle is its classy appeal, which works wonderfully with formal attires, especially when sported on special occasions such as dates, weddings, etc. You might want to keep some hair styling products and tools by your side to make this hairstyle look as effortlessly beautiful as you can.

Accessorized bun

If you want your normal bun to look more elevated and eye-catching, adding some accessories to it would do the trick perfectly. No matter if it’s a low bun or a top knot bun, you can enhance its appeal by adding a few accessories like bandana or hair clips around the bun. After securing the bun using a hair tie and bobby pins, take your favorite bandana and tie it around the bun to spruce up the hairstyle. Additionally, you can also add some colorful or dainty hair clips or pins to make this fun hairstyle look more elevated. It’s the perfect hairstyle to sport on a casual outing with your girls.