Reap maximum benefits from your hair masks by following these rules

In order to achieve the best, it’s imperative to put in some effort from your end. Whether it’s your skin or hair, you will have to go the extra mile to get them to look their best. When it comes to our skin, we girls go out of the way to get it to look healthy, flawless, and radiant, but we can’t say the same for our hair, and that’s such a sad thing, considering your hair bears the same amount of brunt as your skin does on a daily basis. All the dirt, pollution, heat, and other environmental aggressors take a toll on your precious mane and cause it to look dry, lifeless, and damaged. This is where the need for the right hair care products comes. While your shampoo and conditioner do help to make your hair look clean and smooth, they can only do so much.
Your hair needs a considerate amount of nourishment in order to feel moisturized and soft, and that’s where hair masks come into the picture. They are one of the best ways to give your hair an extra boost of nourishment, and you don’t have to wait for days to notice the results. However, you should know certain rules of hair masking in order to reap maximum benefits from each session.

Use the right hair mask

The most important thing to know when using a hair mask is to check if the one you are using is suitable for your hair type or not. Much like any other beauty product, hair masks come in a wide range of options that differ in ingredients and are formulated for different hair types and concerns. Therefore, you should be very careful while picking a hair mask as using the wrong one will either fail to deliver effective results, or it will make things even worse for your hair. Choose a hair mask that will address your hair’s needs and concerns.

Apply the mask on clean hair

In order to reap maximum benefits from your hair masks, it’s imperative to apply them on clean hair and not when it’s dirty. Using a hair mask on unwashed hair won’t deliver the same results as it delivers on squeaky clean hair. Therefore, you should always cleanse your hair first with a suitable shampoo and conditioner, and then use a hair mask to enable it to deliver its goodness to your strands.

Don’t apply the mask on your roots

Since your scalp is well capable of producing a sufficient amount of natural oils on its own, you don’t have to apply the mask on your roots, or else the mask will make the roots greasier. The ends of your hair require an extra boost of nourishment the most; therefore, you should apply the mask starting from the mid-lengths to the tips of your hair. Also, the roots of your hair are young, and they can do just fine without all the care hair masks provide. Therefore, you just need to focus on the lengths and tips of your hair.

Distribute the mask evenly

When it comes to applying a hair mask on your mane, you should ensure that it has been distributed evenly and has been applied thoroughly on each hair strand. Applying a hair mask with your hands is not the best way to apply it on your tresses; you should apply it with the help of a wide-toothed comb, especially if you have curly and thick hair. After applying the mask on your hair, run a comb through your locks to distribute the mask evenly on each hair strand.

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