Reasons to include a lip crayon in your makeup kit

We all have come a long way, and so has the world of makeup. There was a time when people only used to have four to five products in the makeup kit, and that used to be considered more than enough, but now that the makeup products keep increasing in numbers, we are finding it difficult to make space for every kind of product in our vanity and use them regularly in our routines. While not every makeup product is supposed to be used on a daily basis, considering some of them are formulated to be used occasionally, there are also a few products that are basically an important part of your makeup arsenal and serve more than just one purpose. Speaking of which, while you can do without your foundation or blush, lip products are an indispensable part of an everyday makeup routine. But what makes things difficult about lip products is the availability of all different types of products, and all those options can make anyone feel a bit overwhelmed. But we are here to save the day, lately; lip crayons are gaining quite a popularity among beauty enthusiast. It can be a complete game-changer for anyone, and if you don’t already have one for yourself, you need to get your hands on one right away.
Listed below are a few reasons that will convince you to buy a lip crayon right away.

Easy application


One of the best features of lip crayons is their super easy application. If you don’t consider yourself a pro at lining your lips and always end up smudging your lips or lining them the wrong way, adding a lip crayon in your makeup kit will make things so much easier for you. Lip crayons not only offer precision, but they also provide a lipstick-like finish and amazing color payoff. No matter if you are a beginner or an amateur, with lip crayon by your side; you can add color to your lips with ease.

Leaves your lips moisturized


You would rarely find any lipstick that leaves a moisturizing effect on the lips, but that’s not the case with lip crayons. Most lip crayons are infused with moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil. These moisturizing ingredients in lip crayons enable them to glide across the lips very easily, and unlike matte lipsticks, they don’t feel drying on the lips.

Layers well



If you are a lipstick-junkie, you might probably have tried dozens of lipsticks that promise to be long-lasting. While there are some brands that do offer such long-lasting lipsticks, in most cases, almost every lipstick starts to fade off real soon, which can be an absolute bummer, but as shocking as it may sound, lip crayons are quite long-lasting in nature. Lip crayons not only stay on the lips for a longer duration, but they can also layer well. You can easily wear one of your lip crayons underneath a lipstick or lip gloss to make them more long-lasting.

Saves you a lot of time

Applying a lip liner can be a time-consuming job, and if you don’t get enough time in the morning to get ready properly, a lip crayon would help you get the job done in a matter of a few seconds. You can save yourself from all that trouble of lining your lips with a lip liner first and then filling it in with a different lipstick, it can be too much of a hassle. Lip crayons, on the other hand, are fuss-free and super easy to apply. Look for a lip crayon that comes with nourishing and protecting ingredients, and soon it will become your favorite lip product.

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