Red lipstick etiquettes every girl in her 20s should know

There’s no other beauty product that can make you feel as sexy, powerful, and confident as red lipstick does. It is a very well known fact that red is one of the most stunning and universally flattering lipstick shades out there. Be it young or mature, light skin-toned or dark skin-toned, women of every age group or color can rock this beautiful shade stunningly. The red family doesn’t include one but an array of beautiful colors. When it comes to lipsticks, it’s very important to find a shade that complements your skin tone, and this approach is applicable to all the shades, including red. Finding the perfect shade of red is one of the main keys to rocking a red pout like a pro. Apart from that, there are a couple of other etiquettes that every girl in her 20s should know in order to pull off this color with grace.


Befriend a lip liner

A lip liner can make a huge difference to your pout; therefore, you should always use a lip liner before putting on your lipstick, no matter the formula. In order to make your red pout look perfect and precise, it’s crucial to line your lips using a lip liner first. A lip liner can help prevent several mishaps like transferring of red lipstick on your teeth, upper lip area, and chin.


Keep the rest of your makeup subtle

Given the bold and loud appearance of red lipstick, pairing your red pout with bright eyeshadow would look a bit too much or OTT. Pulling off loud makeup isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and if you aren’t feeling confident enough to pull-off red lips with bright eyes, then you should keep the rest of your look subtle. A red pout is an easy way to make a statement with your makeup; it alone will be able to make you look drop-dead-gorgeous. Therefore, you should keep the rest of your makeup minimal and let your red lips do all the talking.


Prep your lips the right way

No matter how stunning the shade looks on you, if you haven’t prepped your lips the right way before putting on your lipstick, then it will end up looking chapped. Prepping is one of the main keys to making your red pout look stunning. Therefore, you should make sure to prep up your lips before putting on your red lipstick. Always start by exfoliating your lips, it will help buff away dead and dry skin from the surface of your lips, and then follow it up with a nourishing moisturizer to seal in moisture in your lips. You can use any lip scrub of your choice to exfoliate your lips.


Pick color according to your skin tone

As we mentioned earlier, there are more than a bunch of shades in the red family, and it isn’t necessary that all the shades of red will look equally beautiful on you. When it comes to picking the perfect red lipstick, apart from considering its formula, you should also take your skin tone into consideration. There’s a perfect shade for every skin tone, you just need to determine which shades look the best on you. If you have a cool undertone, then you should pick bright, neon, and light red lipstick shades. Girls with warm undertone should choose deeper reds.


Make the right use of the excess product

If you accidentally ended up applying too much red lipstick, then instead of wiping off the excess product, you should dab it on your cheeks using your ring finger. This won’t only prevent wastage of the product but will also help add a hint of color to your cheeks.

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