Rid your wardrobe of outdated denim styles and add these ones instead

Denim has always been such a big part of every woman’s wardrobe. It’s one of the wardrobe basics and is super versatile in nature, which can be styled and worn in multiple ways. When nothing else works for you or you’re just looking for something safe yet sartorial piece, denim will always come in super handy and not to forget it has always got our back, no matter what. Much like any other fashion article in our wardrobe, denim has evolved over the years, it has been introduced in a plethora of styles and silhouettes to date, of which, some managed to label themselves as classic and timeless, and the other few just keep coming and going out of fashion.
Every season, a new flow of trend is introduced, which one way or another also includes if not many a few denim trends. In recent years, we have been introduced to a multitude of denim styles that feel somewhat fresher and more current, which brings us to the main point, and that is to rid our wardrobes of the outdated denim styles and add the trending ones instead.

Out: Cropped jeans
In: Straight leg jeans

Cropped jeans failed to garner a lot of attention, and it never managed to leave a mark on the audience. Figuring out the ways to style this piece was always kind of a struggle, so it’s safe to say that cropped jeans are good riddance. The pair of jeans we are introducing in our wardrobes instead is the straight leg jeans, which is all over the fashion industry and has managed to wow the audience with its effortlessly stylish look as well as timeless and versatile appeal.

Out: Tight jeans
In: Loose-fitting jeans

Skinny jeans will always remain an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe; after all, it’s a classic silhouette, which makes certain pieces in our closets look 10 times chicer and stylish. But we certainly are over those super-skinny or super-tight jegging-like jeans that are super-stretchable. More and more people are finding themselves gravitating towards the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to denim. Straight leg jeans are the current talk of the town, they are everywhere you see. This denim style not only feels more comfortable and sleeker, but it is also quite easy to wear with innumerable pieces in your wardrobe.

Out: Denim jorts
In: Wide-leg Bermuda shorts

Denim jorts were definitely not the easiest to style, we always somehow struggled with making them work with different pieces, so we don’t really have qualms about getting rid of this piece from the wardrobe. Wide-leg Bermuda shorts, on the other hand, managed to grab the spotlight for all the right reasons. They feel more comfortable and relaxed as opposed to denim jorts, and also make the whole outfit look more sophisticated.

Out: Low/mid-rise jeans
In: High-rise jeans

The high-rise jeans have seen a sudden and drastic surge in their popularity. Although low-rise jeans are not completely off the game, people are still leaning towards jeans with high-rise cut as they feel more forward and current; at the same time this pair also make the outfit look more flattering and sleeker. Whether it’s straight leg jeans or wide-leg jeans, you can see this iteration in almost every denim style.

Out: Unfinished hems
In: Finished hems

The previous season was all about jeans with unfinished or ripped hems, and we certainly did enjoy wearing them while they lasted, the trend feels a bit outdated now and we would happily trade this denim style for jeans with finished hems. Jeans with finished hems not only make for a more sophisticated choice but they also feel more polished, which tends to work wonderfully for so many pieces in our wardrobes.

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