Shoe trends that feel outdated and the ones that are dominating RN

While we cannot deny the fact that shoes happen to have a longer shelf-life than basic clothing trends, it’s also a fact that shoe trends also keep rotating every season, and after some point, some shoe styles start to feel irrelevant and outdated. There’s no use in keeping outdated shoe styles in your closet when you can simply toss them aside and make space for shoe styles that are trending at the moment.

There are a couple of shoe styles that don’t feel relevant right now and could easily be replaced by a pair of shoes that are trending at the moment. For instance, pool slides are a thing of the past now, the fashion lot has been prioritizing Birkenstocks over them, and we personally feel that swapping your outdated pair of shoes with a new and trendy pair of shoes will instantly change the whole vibe of your outfits and closet.
Ahead, we have put together a list of some shoe trends that feel outdated and the ones that are dominating right now.


Outdated: Round toes
Trending: Square toes

Shoes with round toes have been nearing their expiry date, and as much as we enjoyed wearing them, a small break from them would be a good change for us and our outfits. The fashion lot has a strong inclination towards square-toe shoes right now. It strikes the perfect balance between chic and edgy, which works favorably for almost every kind of outfit. Pairing these shoes with your outfits can instantly make them appear more elevated and cooler.


Outdated: Skinny stilettos
Trending: Sculptural heels

Heels are an essential part of the shoe wardrobe; they can instantly make any outfit appear much more polished and dressier. However, the reign of skinny stilettos has come to an end now, sculptural heels are the latest talk of the town, and they have something about them that makes them so eye-catching. Shoes featuring sculptural heels help add an interesting element to the look and up the style quotient of your outfit.


Outdated: Flat mules
Trending: Loafers

Our go-to pairs of mules had their time, and it’s time that we retire them for good and include some polished pairs of loafers in our closet instead. Loafers are a classic pair of shoes; they look quite polished and at the same time help add a sense of edginess to the outfit. Be it dresses, pantsuits, or any other outfit, loafers instantly make everything look a lot more put-together and elevated.


Outdated: Platform sneakers
Trending: 70s-inspired sneakers

The trend of wearing sneakers will never get old, but the styles will definitely keep on changing from time to time. And if we speak of the current trend, 70s-inspired sneakers are trending really hard at the moment. And when it comes to platform sneakers, they are nearing their expiry date, hence there’s no use in keeping them in your closet. Retro sneakers are all the rage right now; the fashion lot is incorporating them in all kinds of outfits, including jeans, leggings, and even dresses. They lend a sporty feel to the outfit and ultimately make the outfit look much cooler.


Outdated: Pool slides
Trending: Birkenstocks

Like we mentioned earlier, pool slides are a thing of the past now, the current period is all about Birkenstocks. These super comfy and effortless pair of shoes go well with almost every kind of outfit. Additionally, they look much more stylish and elevated than pool slides, so if you have been meaning to invest in a new pair of comfy shoes, then you should look no further than Birkenstocks.

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