Skin prep: Use these face masks for flawless makeup application

The way your makeup looks doesn’t completely depend on the types of makeup products you’ve used but it is also influenced by the way your skin is prepped. In order to get your makeup to look flawless, it’s imperative to prep your skin using the right skincare products. While cleansing, moisturizing, and toning are the three most important steps, there are a few other things you can try as well to get your makeup to look as flawless as possible. Face masks are an essential part of the skincare routine, it should be used on a weekly basis as it tends to hydrate, nourish, detoxify and rejuvenates your skin. But for them to work effectively for you, it’s important to use only those face masks that are suitable for your skin type and addresses the skin concerns at the same time.
While most people use face masks as a part of their skincare routine, have you ever considered using them before putting on your makeup or at the start of the day? If not, you should give this a try at least once, and believe us; the results would leave you surprised. Aside from hydrating your skin, depuffing your face, and increasing blood circulation, it also allows flawless application of makeup. We have put together a list of some face masks you can use to prep your skin for makeup.

Hydrating sheet mask

For your makeup to look flawless and not flaky or patchy, it’s extremely important to hydrate your face using a good face mask. On days when your skin looks dull and lack-luster, you can use a hydrating sheet mask to make up for the lack of hydration on your face. Look for a hydrating sheet mask that is infused with some skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera, which feels extremely gentle and calming on the skin. You can use this sheet mask before putting on your makeup to make your skin look smooth and plump.

Collagen sheet mask

Thanks to the excessive levels of pollution in the air, harsh UV rays, and poor lifestyle, premature skin aging is a thing now, and it has become a lot more common skin concern nowadays. Additionally, regular use and removal of makeup can take quite a toll on your skin, making it imperative to include collagen in your skincare routine. You can use a collagen sheet mask to take care of this problem. Since collagen sheet masks are known to be loaded with firming and plumping ingredients, using them before putting on makeup allows smooth and easy application of makeup products.

Scrub + Mask


Some skincare products in the market come with 2 in one feature such as scrub + mask. Exfoliation is the key to making your skin feel smoother, which creates the perfect canvas for makeup to glide on. Using a scrub on your face helps in getting rid of dead skin cells, which not only smoothes the texture but also makes it easier for other products to penetrate into the layers of the skin. The better your skincare products get absorbed into the skin, the better the makeup application would be. After scrubbing your face for a minute, you can leave the layer as a mask for a few minutes before washing it with water. Read the instructions on the label to know how to use the product.

Clay mask

If you have oily skin, the struggle of keeping your face or makeup from getting oily or greasy is quite real. While quick and frequent touch-ups might help you get through the day, it can feel frustrating at times. You can take care of this problem by using a clay mask before putting on your makeup. It will help in removing excess oil from the pores and will keep your face from looking greasy.

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