Skincare ingredients that can result in skin purging

Every skincare product reacts differently to different skin types, and in theory, the right skincare products won’t cause any reaction, but there are a couple of skincare ingredients that are widely used in an array of skincare products, and the regular use of such skincare ingredients could result in skin purging. For the unversed, skin purging is a reaction that is caused due to the use of an active ingredient on the skin. The active ingredients basically speed up the skin cell turnover rate, causing your skin to shed dead skin, dirt, and chemicals stored underneath its surface. This, in turn, leads to a bad breakout, which only lasts for a couple of days and starts to get better on its own.

It may sound a bit bizarre to some, but skin purging can actually be a good thing, it helps remove dead skin cells and chemicals from your skin, which in turn, makes your skin look and feel healthy. Simply put, your skin has to get really bad in order to get better, that’s how skin purging works. Listed below are some common skincare ingredients that could be causing your skin to purge.


Salicylic acid

Salicylic is not an unknown ingredient, it is used in a wide range of skincare products, specifically the ones that are formulated for acne-prone skin. Products that claim to be anti-acne in nature often consist of salicylic acid. This ingredient basically helps exfoliate your skin and combat acne. Given the drying nature of salicylic acid, one should use only a few drops of the product, and it’s better to not use it more than twice a week. If you are experiencing breakouts post its use, then stop using the product right away and allow your skin to breathe.



Retinol is yet another common skincare ingredient that could cause your skin to purge. Derived from vitamin A, retinol is used in a lot of skincare products that help boost collagen production in the skin, thereby making it look plumper. Additionally, retinol aids in reducing the appearance of signs of aging, makes your skin look even-toned, and improves skin’s elasticity. Although retinol has only good intentions for your skin, it could be too strong for your skin to handle, which could result in skin purging. You should always use this ingredient at night, using it during the day increases the chances of a reaction.


Glycolic acid

It is known as a superhero ingredient for a reason. The incredible benefits of using glycolic acid for the skin are too many, and that’s one of the main reasons why this ingredient is taking the beauty world by storm. Glycolic acid helps make your skin look glowy, and it does so by dissolving the bonds between different dead skin cells. You can find a lot of skincare products in the market that contain glycolic acid, but it is mostly used in toners. If you are planning to include this ingredient in your routine, then make sure to do a patch test first to check if it suits your skin.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is yet another popular skincare ingredient; it managed to garner a lot of attention in such a short period. Given its amazing skin benefits, it makes sense as to why this ingredient is all the rage at the moment. Be it a skincare enthusiast or an expert, everyone is raving about this ingredient right now. You can include this ingredient in your skincare routine in the form of a face serum, face mask, or any other skincare product, but it works the best when it is used in the form of a serum. Vitamin C not only helps brighten your skin but also eliminates scars and boosts collagen production. If you are experiencing breakouts after using this ingredient, then you should take a break from it and let your skin breathe.

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