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Skinny-jean mistakes women over 40 should avoid making

Skinny-jean mistakes women over 40 should avoid making

Skinny jeans are arguably one of the most timeless and ageless staples in our wardrobes. They work for everyone, regardless of age. While skinny jeans can be worn by women of every age group, it especially is an important wardrobe staple for women that are over 40. And if we speak of them in terms of experience, women of this age group have years and years of experience. They know what works for them and what doesn’t, and that clarity has lead them to build a style that speaks to them and speaks for them.
Given their sartorial experience, it would only make sense to follow in their footsteps and build an arsenal of skinny-jean outfits by taking some inspiration from them. Over the years of trying, testing, and experimenting that resulted in some successes and failures, they have it all figured what mistakes one should avoid making and what mistakes can be made on purpose, which is completely a subjective choice. To make things easier for you, we have listed some skinny-jean mistakes that women over 40 should never make.

Wearing a t-shirt without tucking it

The easiest way to elevate even the most basic jeans and tee outfit is by tucking the t-shirt inside to make the ensemble look more polished and structured. Covering the waistline with an oversize t-shirt is a mistake most women avoid making, and so should you. While this is a very classic combination and most probably every woman’s go-to casual outfit, you certainly can add a sense of flair and forward vibe to the outfit by not letting the t-shirt cover your waistline. You can either tuck the entire tee inside, or you can just stick to tucking the front of your tee for that effortless feel.

Afraid of wearing an all-black outfit

Many women shy away from wearing an all-black outfit thinking it would make them look older or potentially age them. However, we would like to clear the air; an all-black outfit can prove to be a game-changer for you only if you know how to don this look correctly. So there’s no need for you to keep yourself from trying all-black outfits, just make sure to stick to silhouettes that look flattering on you, and you will be good to go.

Not accessorizing the outfit

Accessories are a major part of any ensemble, an outfit without accessories is like a world without fashion, this is how incomplete it feels when you skip accessorizing your outfits, especially when it’s a skinny-jean outfit in question. Adding some accessories like a chunky gold chain, trendy and chic belt would instantly make the outfit look more elevated and incredibly chic.

Picking an ill-fitted skinny jeans

When it comes to making your outfit look more polished and fabulous, it’s imperative to pay extra attention to the tailoring of every clothing item including jeans. The purpose of skinny jeans is to your hug your legs perfectly and not to look ill-fitted from any angle. Hence, whenever you go for jeans shopping, make sure to try it in a trial room to check its fit and only purchase it if it fits you perfectly.

Only wearing them with casual pieces

Jeans are more or less a basic wardrobe staple, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be dressed up. While jeans mostly end up being used for creating casual looks, it certainly can be dressed in a way you want or according to the need of the hour. Aside from rocking your skinny jeans with your favorite tees, you can also wear it with your favorite blazer to add a sense of sophistication and flair to otherwise basic outfit.