Some of the ways you can wear polka dots

Polka is something that stays even when not in trend. People either love polka dots or just do not like it. However, polka dots can sometimes be overwhelming. To avoid it overpowering all you need is to know about a proper way to style this type of print and rock the look. Try to not be too loud with hues and shades as that might make the outfit lose its charm.

If you are fascinated by this print and want to style polka dots into your outfits then look at the outfit ideas listed below to know about some of the ways you can style and wear polka dots.

1: Polka dot dress

The first step before wearing or styling polka is to not have any stereotypical thoughts about it. Be open-minded and accept the fabric and style it. Here you can wear a polka dot dress. You can get a full ankle-length dress or a mini dress. Make sure the polka dots are of normal size or maybe smaller than normal. You can have all sorts of sleeves to the dress say it be long-sleeved or even sleeveless. You can wear these dresses anywhere from a local market to a party. It all depends upon the type of dress and how you styled the rest of the outfit.

2: Polka dot shirt

This is a new way of wearing polka. You can adorn polka in a form of a shirt. Get all professional and formal wear with polka. You can pair this shirt with either plain trousers or pants or can even pair it up with some plain suit. Experiment with colors and patterns with polka shirt and create a look for yourself. You can pair this shirt with other clothes as well. Polka dot shirts make the outfit look chic and trendy.

3: Polka dot jacket

Everyone has seen a polka dot skirt, dress, or shirt but have you seen a polka dot jacket? This can be that one timeless piece that can be worn anytime. This jacket is a must-have in every wardrobe. Get yourself one classic polka dot jacket and style it in numerous ways. You can go monochrome and wear a polka jacket over it. If you feel the need to add a new color to the outfit then wear a polka dot jacket. You can accessorize the look with some great footwear such as some boots or some heels.

4: Polka dot skirt

This is one classic piece of clothing. A polka dot skirt is something that everyone has worn at least once in their lifetime. Polka dot skirt adds a layer of femininity to the outfit and makes the outfit chic. You can pair this skirt with a tank top or a plain shirt. This skirt can be paired up with a lot of other clothing. All you need to do is experiment with the colors. Some heels, a tank top, a cute shrug and you are ready to go enjoy the summer breeze outside.

5: Polka dot socks

If you are new to polka dots and want to try this print then you can start up with some cute polka dot socks. If you feel like you cannot have a major cloth on you of this print then wear some socks instead of s polka dot top or pants. You can start with extremely small polka dots such as some classic black dots on white socks. You can pair them with some flowy dress or can wear them under your boots or shoes and can show the upper part of the socks. You can also wear other accessories like a scarf or shrug etc.

Above listed are some ways you can style polka dots and make cute outfits. Try balancing the polkas and play and experiment with different prints and colors and make new combinations. Accessorize a little bit to enhance the outfit. Try not to wear huge accessories, instead choose small dainty accessories to uplift the whole attire. Experiment with different looks and add polka here and there in your outfits if you are not comfortable in making it the main highlight of the outfit yet.

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