Stunning lip colors that will be all the rage this spring

Swiping on a fresh color of lipstick across the lips is probably one of the easiest ways to get us going. While there has been an increased emphasis on eye makeup granting the fact the mouth area gets covered by face masks, it doesn’t mean you should stop wearing lipsticks altogether. We can’t tell about you, but we personally feel highly satisfied while swiping on a creamy gloss or satin lipstick across the lips. Certain lipstick colors instantly add some sort of energy and drama to the look, and if you are looking to upgrade your lip-color wardrobe for spring, then you have come to the right place.

Whether or not you are wearing a face mask, your lips don’t deserve to be color-deprived, and if you are on the same page, then this article will prove to be of some help to you. Ahead, we have put together a list of some pretty lip colors that are all set to be everywhere in the coming months.


Blot red lips

No woman can ever go wrong with red lips, it is one of the classic colors out there that can instantly make any woman look all the more stunning and diva-like. While the dramatic shades of red look absolutely gorgeous, they are a more suitable choice for the colder months of the year. And when it comes to spring, the best way to rock this beautiful shade is by keeping the finish diffused and blotted. You can skip using a lip liner in this case.


Semi-sheer creamy lip gloss

Lip glosses are always an excellent way to make your lips look more sumptuous and juicy; it is the best time to include some semi-sheer cream lip glosses in your lip-color wardrobe. Apart from imparting a bit of shine to your lips, lip glosses in semi-sheer finishes will also add a blurring effect to your pout. Considering the color payoff of these lip glosses will be quite subtle and light, you won’t have to worry about it being smudged by your face mask.


Berry lips

The popualirty of lip stains is on the rise at the moment, and that has a lot to do with the fact that lip stains don’t get smudged or smeared underneath a face mask, which makes them mask-friendly. Lip stains in berry-like shades are predicted to be everywhere in the coming months, and we are already spotting them everywhere on our feeds. Simply dabbing a little amount of berry lip stain across your lips will instantly add a sense of freshness and chic vibe to the look.


Shades of orange

Orange is one of the most stunning and bold lip colors out there. It adds a different kind of energy to the look which feels quite refreshing and happening at the same time. Additionally, orange is one of those shades that can help brighten your complexion and up the oomph factor in your look. You can spot a myriad of gorgeous shades of orange on the market; opt for the one that looks the most flattering on your skin tone.


Brown hues

Several trends from the 90s are making a comeback this year, and one of the trends to join the list is lipsticks in brown shades. The brown color is all the rage at the moment. Apart from nail polishes, it is now being reintroduced in the form of lipsticks too. Brown is a pretty bold color, it most definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but when worn correctly, it can look really stunning. Those who are interested to invest in brown lipsticks will have plenty of pretty options to choose from.

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