Stupendous ways to use talcum powder in your beauty routine

Talcum powder is one of those products that have been with us since we were babies. It had our backs back then, and it has them today as well. A lot has changed since we were babies; talcum powders have now been replaced with perfumes, deodorants, and colognes in our vanities. Although a bottle of talcum powder might seem completely useless to you at the moment, we are certain, this article would change your mind and make you think completely opposite about this product. A lot of products often get overlooked in the favor of other fancy products in the market, and that’s what happened with talcum powder. Not many people know about its true potential and what all wonderful things it is capable of doing, and that’s what we are about to reveal today in this article.
Talcum powder can come in super handy in several beauty situations, its use is not just limited to making you smell good, but there’s so much more to it. If you are curious to know more about it, make sure to read through the article below to find out how you can use your talcum powder in 4 different ways in your beauty routine.

Helps to set your base


This is one of the cleverest and smartest ways to put your talcum powder to good use. If you happen to run out of your setting powder, the talcum powder will come to your easy rescue and help to set your base. Whether you want to keep your makeup from becoming a greasy mess or prevent it from melting during hot and humid summers, setting the base using talcum powder will take care of the problem and prevent your makeup from turning into a recipe for disaster. Dust the powder over your entire face or oil-prone areas using a fluffy brush, and you will be good to go.

Catches the eyeshadow fallout

When it comes to doing your eye makeup, especially when it involves using an eyeshadow, someone fallout is always expected, and that can easily ruin the rest of your makeup. The best way to prevent that from happening is by applying some talcum powder on the under-eye area, which will catch the eyeshadow fallout. Once you are done doing your eye makeup, you can dust off the powder using a fluffy brush.

Makes your eyelashes look volumized

Everybody loves fuller and luscious lashes, but sadly not every person is blessed with such fluttery lashes. Most people find help in their mascaras, which can help to add ounces of volume to the lashes. But sometimes that’s not sufficient to make the lashes look volumized, and that’s when the talcum powder comes into the picture. Once you are done curling your lashes using an eyelash curler, using a brush or your finger, coat your lashes with talcum powder, it will help in separating the lashes. After that, take your mascara and apply two to three coats of it to your lashes. This little trick will make your lashes look more volumized and thicker.

Gives your lipstick a matte finish

Wearing matte lip shades have become pretty common now, and if you happen to have a lipstick that’s not in a matte formula, there’s a way to make it one. After you are done applying the lipstick to your lips, take a tissue paper, place it over your lips, and dust some talcum powder over it. Carefully remove the tissue, and it will leave behind a stunning lip color in a matte finish. In addition to making your lipstick matte, it will also make the lip color long-lasting.

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