Styling tips for wearing jackets with dresses 

Having the most convenient and practical pieces in your wardrobe makes dressing so much easier and fuss-free. For instance, when it comes to summer, nothing feels more practical and breezy than flowy summer dresses that get us through such scorching weather in the easiest way possible. Just throw them on and go about your day. Dresses are quite versatile in nature, they can work year-round including winter, the only difference is that winter asks you to make some changes to the outfit by adding a pair of tights or even a turtleneck underneath to keep yourself from freezing in cold weather. Throwing coats or jackets over the dresses might not be essential during summer, but it definitely becomes essential during winter to fight the evening chill. Although coats become the most essential part of your wardrobe during fall and winter, the only setback associated with this fashion article is their ability to become the most prominent part of the ensemble. The way you carry your coat can easily make or break your outfit, they can end up covering the dress you are wearing underneath or make the entire outfit appear shapeless and less flattering.

Your dresses don’t have to hide under the thick and imposing layer of your coat, with some styling tips up your sleeve; you can easily highlight or upgrade the dress you’re wearing underneath. Keep on reading to know more about those styling tips.

Throw the jacket over your shoulders

The easiest way to make your ensemble look effortlessly chic and forward is by draping the jacket over your shoulders. This styling trick not only makes your ensemble look fashion-forward and stylish, but it also allows you to bring your dress into the spotlight. You can also take your fashion game to one level further by adding a few chic accessories such as bag, shoes, and that will certainly give your outfit a very flirtatious and effortless vibe.

Keep the length of your jacket the same as your dress

Your jackets hold immense ability to make your outfits feel more elevated and nicely put together. It tends to look even uniform and polished when paired with the dress of the same length. Whether you’re teaming up a denim jacket with a mini dress or layering your midi dress with a trench coat, pairing jackets with dresses of the same length instantly makes the whole outfit feel all the more classic and put together. No matter the color or material of dresses and jackets, this combination makes for a perfect match.

Pick a short jacket

If the idea of pairing your dress and jacket in the same length doesn’t excite you, you can try rooting for the opposite end of the spectrum, which involves wearing a jacket that is much shorter with dresses of all lengths. Pairing two different lengths create a nice contrasting effect, which definitely works in the favor of the outfit. Fashion girls around the world love to pair their maxi or midi dresses with short jackets, which, in addition to making the ensemble look more put together, also creates a lengthening effect.

Wearing the jacket in the same color as your dress

There’s something very chic and eye-catching about the monochromatic look that it always manages to grab the attention. But that attention can be for the wrong reasons too, and to make sure that you are not grabbing the attention for the wrong reason, it’s important to style your outfit accordingly. When it comes to wearing a jacket over your dress, aside from its length, the color or the pattern can also make a huge difference to its final look. Instead of opting for a contrasting shade of jacket, pick your jacket in the same color or pattern as your dress to make it look an ideal outfit.

Belt it up

If you want your outfit to feel more streamlined and constructed, the easiest way you can make your jacket and dress look a certain way is by belting them both with a single belt. This will not only make your outfit feel cohesive but will also make it feel more structured and tailored.


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