Stylish and versatile items you need to style a puffer jacket

A puffer jacket has long been a part of a woman’s wardrobe. It has been around for years, but it was only recently that puffer jackets got much-needed attention and appreciation. Although it’s been quite some years since this 90s-inspired trend made a comeback, puffer jackets rose to popularity in recent years only. Be it fashion girls or women who like to dress simply, this puffer jacket is found in almost every woman’s wardrobe, and that has not only to do with the functionality but style as well. From different styles and colors to patterns and materials imaginable, you can find puffer jackets in a myriad of chic and cool options.

Puffer jackets have now become a winter wardrobe staple; a lot of us rely on this cozy piece every winter. While puffer jackets aren’t the most exciting or chic outerwear, these in their oversize and padded-sleeve versions can look statement-worthy depending on the cut, style, and pattern. Sleek basics like leggings, turtlenecks, and classic denim are some of the best pieces to consider when it comes to finding the best pairing options for a puffer jacket. If you cannot do without your puffer jacket in winter, ahead, we have listed a couple of versatile and chic items that look amazing with a puffer jacket.


A pair of chic trousers and a puffer jacket goes hand in hand; it is one of the coolest and chicest pairings you can ever go with in winter. Moreover, both puffer jackets and trousers are two of the biggest trends of the season; they not only make a practical pairing but also a trendy one. If comfort and style is your idea of dressing in winter, then you should definitely go with this pairing, it is a fail-safe option. You can wear casual sneakers and a chic sweater with your outfit for a comfortable and stylish look.

Chunky boots or sneakers

An oversize puffer jacket is pretty dramatic in itself, but you can further increase the dramatic quotient of your outfit by choosing to wear chunky footwear- chunky boots or chunky sneakers. A pair of chunky boots or sneakers will help to add to the drama of your outfit. You can pair your oversize puffer jacket with skinny jeans or leggings for a more structured and put-together look.

Turtleneck or long-sleeved tee

Sleek basics like a turtleneck or a long-sleeved tee are a fail-safe option when it comes to styling a puffer jacket in winter. You can never go wrong with a pairing of a turtleneck or long-sleeved tee with a puffer jacket; it makes the whole outfit feel more elevated. These sleek basics help to bring the best out of an oversize puffer jacket and allow the oversize silhouette to take the center stage. Additionally, you can further accessorize the look with a pair of sunglasses, jewelry, or a handbag for a more elevated look.

High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans are a wardrobe staple; they look incredibly well with every kind of outfit. But high-waisted jeans look especially amazing with puffer jackets. From flare and skinny to boyfriend, high-waisted jeans in any silhouette look really chic and stylish with an oversize and chunky puffer jacket.


In our hearts, puffer jackets will always remain an athleisure piece, which explains why puffers look so amazing with their loungewear counterparts, including sweatshirts, leggings, and joggers. On days when you don’t feel like wearing denim and want to sink into the comfort of your cozy loungewear, you can wear a chunky puffer jacket to amp up the look and at the same time make yourself feel warmer. You can create the perfect laid-back winter look by wearing a beanie and sneakers with this outfit.

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