Surprising ways to use micellar water other than removing makeup

The beauty world is incredibly vast, it is brimming with numerous products that serve different purposes and are important in their own way. While every beauty product is designed for different concerns and to serve a different purpose, some beauty products can do multi-tasking. And no, we aren’t talking about any makeup products. We like to do things the way we are told, and when it comes to beauty products, especially skincare products, nobody likes experimenting much, and we like to play safe by using the product as per the instructions, which is a good habit, but you might be missing out on some of the best parts of the product.

Sometimes there’s much more to the product than meets the eye, and the same is the case with micellar water. Micellar water has gained huge popularity in the recent few years, and it has become an essential part of every woman’s skincare routine. The tiny micelles present in the water allow it to break down makeup, oil, and impurities present on the surface of the skin with so much ease without robbing it of its natural oils, which is very unlike harsh cleansers. Tap water is believed to be pretty harsh for the skin, which is why micellar water was formulated. Micellar water feels very gentle on the skin, and it is suitable for every skin type, including sensitive skin. That’s not the only best thing about micellar water, there’s so much more to this product, and that’s what we are going to reveal in this article today.

Ahead, we have listed some of the lesser-known uses of micellar water.

Works well as a toner

As surprising as it may sound, micellar water can totally be used as a toner. It might be a bit hard to believe given the watery texture of the product, but micellar water can actually work as a toner, and it offers the same results a toner is supposed to deliver. Micellar water helps to draw out dirt, oil, and other impurities from the pores without feeling harsh on the skin. Most toners are formulated with alcohol, and alcohol can leave your skin extremely dry. Micellar water, on the other hand, doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients, hence, it’s completely safe to use. You can apply micellar water on your face using a cotton pad post-cleansing.

Refreshes your skin

Since you don’t need to rinse your face with water after using micellar water, you can use this product to refresh your skin on the go. For instance, if your face is looking dull or sweaty for whatever reason, you can simply apply micellar water on your face, and it will look refreshed all over again. You can carry a travel-friendly micellar water bottle with you in a handbag or even your gym bag.

Cleanses your hands

If you happen to run out of your hand sanitizer, micellar water can come to your easy rescue. Additionally, hand sanitizers contain high alcohol content, and using them very often can leave your hands extremely dry, whereas, micellar water doesn’t result in any such thing. You can cleanse your hands in a jiffy using micellar water, just pour some amount of it in your palms, rub your hands together, and you’ll be good to go.

Cleans your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are super fun and easy to work with, but cleaning them can be such a task. But it won’t feel like a task anymore when you have micellar water by your side. Apart from helping to remove dirt and impurities from your skin, micellar water also aids in removing makeup and dirt build-up from your makeup brushes. It’s very easy to clean brushes with micellar water, pour some amount of it in a bowl and then soak your makeup brushes in it for some time. Take the brushes out and rinse them with water, so easy-peasy.

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