Sweater trends that will be everywhere this fall

Sweaters have the ability to make our fall and winter wardrobe cozier, warmer, and of course, cuter. They are an essential part of fall fashion that helps to build a well-rounded wardrobe for fall. While sweaters are some of the cutest pieces any woman can possess, they also happen to be quite functional, which makes buying them even more practical and fun. When there is a slight dip in the temperature, cozying up in those soft and snuggly sweaters is truly one of the best feelings ever. While you may own layers like jackets or denim, nothing feels as cozy as sweaters do, hence, they are too important to not have them in our fall wardrobes.
If you have been meaning to invest in some cute chunky sweaters this year, you can take a look at this article below as we have listed some of the most popular sweater trends of 2020.

Plaid sweaters

If you are looking to invest in something that is classic yet feels stylish, then plaid sweaters would be probably your best bet. While there are a variety of patterns that are introduced year after year, some patterns remain around and plaid is definitely one of them. It is a quintessential fall pattern that will surely be sticking around for a longer duration. You can easily find them in a variety of trendy iterations. From bright hues to classic tartan plaid, you will have so many chic and cozy options to choose from.

Chunky dad sweaters

Nobody can ever go wrong with chunky sweaters, they look cute, fuzzy, cozy, and not to mention, trendy, which is why you can’t regret having too many of them in your wardrobe. Going with the current trends, chunky dad and cable-knit sweaters will be everywhere this fall. They will basically help you define your fall wardrobe- something that is super cozy yet captivating. Whether you want to opt for a neutral hue or a fun statement sweater, depending on your personal style and how you want to keep the color palette, you can pick the one that fits your needs.

Color block sweaters

Color block sweaters are one of the biggest trends of the year; they are definitely having a moment right now. The most interesting thing is that the color block scheme isn’t just reigning the fall fashion, but it is also gaining a certain momentum in home decor. Color block sweaters will make for a great addition to the wardrobe; they will add a cutesy vibe to your fall collection and make your outfits look a lot more fun. Whether you choose to go with pastels or a neutral color palette, they will look incredibly amazing either way.

Argyle sweaters

So many designers have been reworking and reimagining the pieces from the 90s, and one such piece that went under a makeover and got a major update was the argyle sweaters. This vintage-inspired pattern is making a comeback this year but in an updated form. When we speak of argyle, sweater vests from the 90s might be the first thing that comes to your mind, but that’s not the case in 2020. They have been reintroduced in their chicest forms, you can spot them in fun fall colors and different silhouettes that have definitely give them a new lease on life.

Puffy sleeves sweaters

Puffy sleeves have been trending for a while now, earlier they were spotted on those breezy and summery tops and dresses, you will again be spotting them this season in the form of puffy sleeves sweaters. Puff sleeves featured on classic fall sweaters would add a significant amount of oomph factor to your outfits. The thing we love the most about these sweaters is their ability to make even the simplest outfits look trendy.

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