The Best Hair Care Tips To Take Care Of Short Hair

Looking to give ideal care to your freshly cut short hair, well, then, you have hit the right spot.
In this feed, we have gathered a few tips that will help you achieve healthy and shiny tresses.

Wash Your Hair More Often

We know we told you washing your hair too often can damage your hair but when you cut your hair short the thing changes.
Short hair needs to be washed regularly. If you have time you can even wash your hair every day otherwise wash at least every alternate.
And, since you’ll be washing your hair more often it becomes very important to use a mild sulfate-free cleanser. Using harsh hair cleansers can damage the texture of your hair if used on the regular basis.

Comb Less Frequently

The more you comb your hair locks the more they become prone to breakage. Unlike long hair, short hair doesn’t need to be brushed often. Thus, the golden rule is to comb your tresses less frequently especially when you have cut them short.
If you need to comb more, you can use your fingers. Short hair is not difficult to manage and can be tamed down using fingers.
Run your fingers through the hair and you will see an instant volume in your hair too. Combing your hair with fingers also adds a volume and style to the hair.

Treat Your Scalp

To have healthy tresses you must focus on the scalp. If the scalp is healthy your hair will grow out to be healthy. And, when you cut your hair short, it becomes very crucial to take proper care of your scalp.
Scalp care should be the same as you care for your skin. You must add scalp exfoliating to your hair care regime. Scalp exfoliation can do wonders in improving the quality of your scalp. The process is widely used in Korea and helps in fighting scalp issues such as dandruff, relieving scalp irritation, stimulating growth by removing dead layers, and so on.

Add Shine By Washing Your Hair In Cold Water

We all want to have shiny hair, right? The best way to add shine to the hair apart from using chemically loaded hair sprays and mousse is to wash your hair in cold water.
Cold water rinse not only adds shine to your hair but also helps in closing the cuticles of your hair so that no environmental odds can ruin the texture of your hair.
Thus, always wash your hair in cold water.

Weekly Oiling Is Must

We all know the importance of oiling your hair regularly. But, since we are talking about short hair and regular wash, applying hair oil daily is not possible and can even make your hair and scalp oily but that doesn’t mean you have to kick-off hair oiling from the list.
Hair oiling is very crucial even for short hair thus you should follow a weekly hair oil massage. If you want you can also add fenugreek seeds to the oil to increase the efficacy of the entire process.
For that, you have to soak a handful of fenugreek seeds into the oil for about one week and then use the oil to massage your scalp.

Avoid Hair Styling Tools

Avoid using hair styling tools and rather embrace your hair naturally. Look for styles that don’t require the use of hair styling products and tools. As well all know what hair styling does to our hair.
So, these are a few tips you must include in your hair care regime for short hair. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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