The Natural Way To Fill In Your Eyebrows Quickly

Eyebrows are the most important part of your makeup and when it comes to grooming and filling them, we all tend to overdo, right?
Eyebrows if groomed and filled up can make a huge difference to the overall look and effortlessly elevates the face. In this feed, we have compiled an easy and quick guide to fill up your eyebrows like a pro giving a natural look.
What All You’ll Need?
• Eyebrow Pencil- one shade lighter to the natural color of the brows
• Concealer- a shade lighter
• Spoolie Brush
Let’s get started!

Step One- Trim Your Brows

Before filling in your eyebrows it’s really important to reshape them and give the brows a nice shape.
There are various ways to trim your brows-
• Using thread- you can use thread to give a nice shape to the brows and remove the excess hair.
• Scissors- a pair of scissors can also be used to cut the excess length of your hair.
• Tweezers- you can use tweezers to pluck the extra hair.
Among all the three methods, the most commonly used and effective is using thread and for that, we would recommend you reach out to an expert.

Step Two- Picking The Right Formulation

Once, you have shaped your brows, the next step is filling the brows. But before that picking, the right tool is really very important.
• To achieve a natural look, always pick a shade lighter than your natural eyebrow shade for filling in.
• There are various formulations for filling in your eyebrows such as pencil, gel, and, powder. For a natural look, the best would be to opt for a pencil to fill in your brows. The pencil gives a soft and natural look to the brows.
• However, if you have scanty growth, you can opt for gel and powder formulations to achieve a more dramatic look.

Step Three- Filling In The Brows

After picking the correct formulation, the next step has to be filling in the brows. Filling in the brows can be quite tricky as a slight mistake can make your eyebrows look as if overdone.
• Use a spoolie brush to comb your hair before filling them in.
• To fill in the brows always use light feathery strokes.
• Start from the middle where you have to fill the brows the darkest.
• Make sure the staring point and tail of the brows should be least filled and kept natural otherwise it looks as if overdone.

Step Four- Apply Concealer

This step is totally optional but if you want to make your eyebrows really stand out, you can go for this step.
• Use a lighter shade concealer to highlight the brow area.
• Your concealer should be one or two shade lighter than the natural shade.
• With the help of a brush apply it below the brow in the shape of the brows and using a blending brush blend it properly.
• Blending is the key, so, make sure you blend properly.
Step Five- Use A Spoolie Brush
To even out everything and remove the harsh shade, make sure you use a spoolie brush, using gentle stroke, comb out your brows using a spoolie brush.

So, this the proper guide you should know to achieve natural yet flattering brows. If you’ll follow these steps, you’ll surely get the perfect brows. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help and you really found the guide easy to follow.

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