The only photogenic trends that will matter in 2021

You have got to admit that some fashion articles in your wardrobe look a lot more photogenic than the others, and they are always fun to take a photograph of whenever worn. Sometimes, it’s the bold print, fun silhouette, or touchable texture of the outfit that works in its favor and makes it look photogenic. Moreover, certain pieces tend to look far better in pictures than they look in real, but the opposite of it can also happen. That said, taking pictures of the OOTD or OOTN has become a thing now, fashion influencers, It girls, and even celebrities keep posting pictures of their outfits on social media, and some pictures grab more attention than the others. Yes, the backdrop of the picture or the way the photograph is taken helps, but sometimes, it’s the outfit that shines the most, and that has something to do with the photogenic thing.

The pieces in question not only look stunning in pictures, but they are also expected to become a huge trend in the coming months. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the photogenic trends that are all set to take over.


Bubblegum pink color

Of all the color trends that are going to make it big in 2021, bubblegum pink is certainly going to be one of the most popular ones. It is predicted to be the biggest color trend of the year. Bubblegum pink is a happy and bold color; you can finally take a break from heavy neutral pieces and wear this bubbly, fun color with your outfits. If you are up for a change and think that your outfit could use a pop of color, then bubblegum pink-colored pieces are probably your best bet.


Ripped jeans

The 90s trends keep making a comeback every couple of years, and one of the trends to resurge this year is ripped jeans. We are sure ripped jeans have many fans, the jagged texture of these jeans adds visual interest to the look, and that looks eye-catching in photographs. One of the best things about ripped jeans is it can make even the simplest outfit look jazzed up.


Second-skin tops

Second-skin tops happen to be one of the hottest trends of 2020, and it is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Second-skin tops are all set to come forward with us to 2021, and we are more than happy to have them around for a little longer. If you have gotten tired of wearing the same basic t-shirt or your favorite bodysuit, second-skin tops are an excellent alternative to these pieces. Additionally, you can find second-skin tops in a myriad of cool and fun prints, which is a great way to make your outfit pop.


Chunky chains

Chunky chains were everywhere in 2020, and one of the main reasons for their immense popularity is their endless use during zoom calls. Chunky chain necklaces single-handedly can manage to dress up even the simplest outfit. You can either layer it with other dainty necklaces or wear it alone. Chunky chain necklaces feel modern yet timeless, and that’s what makes them a must-have.


Luxe knit sets

Textured pieces not only look great in real life, but they also look amazing in the pictures. Matching knit sets have been bubbling up for a couple of months now; they are pretty much everywhere, and It girls are certainly enjoying wearing them. You don’t have to lounge around the house in your boring pajamas, you can totally lounge around in style, and that’s where the luxe knit sets come into the picture. Perfect for at-home style, knit sets are super comfortable and chic in nature, you can literally wear them all day, every day without getting tired of them, that’s how amazing they are.

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