The right way to wear setting powder

Setting powder has always been a vital part of our makeup kit, and yet it remains the least discussed product. If you are a makeup-junkie, you probably know what all wonderful things it is capable of doing and how important a role it plays in a makeup routine. Setting powder can help you in multiple ways, aside from keeping your face from looking too shiny, it also prevents your foundation from melting. Additionally, setting powder helps in giving you a matte finish and makes your makeup look extra perfect. Setting powder is most popularly used by women to touch up their makeup throughout the day, some women also use it as an alternative to powder foundations as it offers more natural-looking and sheer coverage.
When used correctly, setting powder can do absolute wonders for your makeup; however, if your setting powder is failing to set your makeup in place, chances are you are probably using it the wrong way. To help you master the art of using setting powder correctly, we have put together a list of 5 tips that will come in super handy.

Press the setting powder into your skin

If you apply the setting powder onto your skin in a sweeping motion, you have been doing it wrong all this while. The right way to use setting powder is to press it into the skin instead of sweeping it across the face. Using a puff, makeup sponge, or your brush, press the powder into your skin, and it will ensure that your foundation doesn’t budge and stays intact all day long.

Use a powder puff to apply the setting powder

For those seeking a flawless finish, you should probably stick to using a powder puff to apply the setting powder. Using a makeup brush or makeup sponge doesn’t work as nicely and effectively as a powder puff does, therefore, you should stick to using a powder puff. After taking some powder on the puff, press the product into the skin carefully.

Apply the setting powder in an upside down “V” shape

When it comes to applying the setting powder the right way, you should apply it in an upside down V shape. This application method focuses more on the sides of your forehead, chin, nose, and mouth. Also, using the pressing and rolling technique won’t only help in making makeup look even, but it will also help to smoothen rough texture. Press and roll the powder puff over the desired areas to set the makeup in place.

Don’t use the setting powder in excess


The general rule of thumb is to use the setting powder sparingly. Applying setting powder across your face the second time will only make your face look extra cakey and weird. Therefore, you should apply the setting powder across your face only once and not more than that. If you accidentally end up taking too much setting powder, you can easily get rid of it with the help of a clean makeup brush. Just swipe the brush across the face, and you will be good to go.

Reach the narrow areas of your face by folding the puff into half

Applying the setting powder to certain areas of your face such as the corners of nose and eyes can be quite tricky, but we have found a way to reach those areas. Take the powder puff, fold it into half, dab some powder onto it, and then press it into your skin. This trick always works, and it allows you to reach the narrower areas of your face without any hassle.

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