Things to keep in mind when using a lip stain

Lipsticks are one of the many makeup staples, but lately, we haven’t been getting many opportunities to wear our favorite shades of lipsticks. No points for guessing, it’s because of the face masks. There’s seriously no point in wearing lipstick when it is going to end up covered under a face mask. And even if we ended up wearing lipstick, the disappointment that we feel witnessing it getting smudged under the mask or the stains on the mask keep us from using lipsticks. Just because this isn’t a favorable time to wear lipsticks, it doesn’t mean you will have to leave your lips bare, you can use other alternatives to lipsticks, and lips stains are certainly an excellent option to consider.

Lip stains are one of the sought-after products in the market; they have become an easy alternative to lipsticks. They aren’t only super easy to work with but also don’t budge. Considering lip stains are quite running and lightweight in nature, they just stain your lips and are non-transferrable, thereby keeping your mask free from stains. But it’s quite easy to go wrong with this product; you need to know how to use it correctly to avoid any blunder.

Lucky for you, we have got a couple of useful tips for you that will help to make the most of your lip stain.


Prep your lips first

Lip stains are known to dry out your lips; hence it’s essential to prep your lips properly before using this product. Considering lip stains’ primary role is to add tint to your lips, not moisturize them, your lips tend to feel pretty dry and often appear cracked and chapped when not prepped the right way before the application. You should always prep your lips first using the right lip products. Start by exfoliating your lips, follow it with a nourishing lip balm, and then use your lip stain.


Less is always more

Since lip stains are very runny and liquidy in texture, taking too much of the product can end up staining the area around your mouth and your teeth as well. Lipsticks and lip stains are two very different products, they both are supposed to be applied using different techniques. Swiping your lip stain across the lips isn’t the right way to use this product; you should always dot it on your lips. Once you have dotted the product, blend it nicely with the help of your finger.


Keep moisturizing your lips

Just because you applied your moisturizer once before using a lip stain doesn’t mean you won’t have to use it again. Lip balm tends to dry out as the day proceeds, hence you should keep moisturizing your lips every couple of hours using your nourishing lip balm. You can apply your lip balm over your lip stain whenever your lips feel dry.


Remove the excess product

If you have accidentally ended up using too much lip stain, you can simply remove it by taking the excess product on your fingers. Instead of wiping your fingers off, you can use the excess product to add a hint of color to your cheeks. If you didn’t know, lip stains actually work wonderfully as a blush, dabbing a tiny amount of this product on your cheeks can help achieve a flushed look in a jiffy.


Perfect for a minimal makeup look

If you like to keep your makeup pretty light and breezy, then you will definitely love this product. Lips stains are perfect to create a minimal or barely-there makeup look. They are super easy to work with and help accentuate the natural tint of your lips.

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