Things you should bear in mind while doing your makeup for an interview

Interviews are one of the most important events in pretty much everybody’s lives. Every person wants to look their best and present themselves in front of the employer in the best possible way in order to make a lasting impression. While it’s usually the experience and the skills that speak for you, the way you carry yourself matters equally. Women tend to feel pretty confident about themselves when they are dressed up well, and another thing that instantly gives them a boost of confidence and makes them feel good is their makeup. When your skin and makeup looks on point, you automatically feel pretty confident, and that boost in confidence helps you ace the interview.
So, if you have your next interview scheduled and all you need is that major boost in the confidence, now you know what needs to be done- your makeup. To help you ace your next interview, we have jotted down a list of some useful makeup tips and tricks that will allow you to channel your confidence and prepare you to conquer the interview.

Apply a BB cream instead of foundation

When it comes to creating the base of your makeup, you should use a BB cream instead of foundation to achieve a natural and dewy finish. Full coverage foundations can look fake and made up, and BB cream, on the other hand, makes you look more professional and fresh. A BB cream provides nice coverage and helps to even out the skin tone quite amazingly. However, if there’s any imperfection that needs to be corrected, you can use your concealer to conceal those areas.

Give your lip gloss a miss

To be honest, a lip gloss can look a bit too overdone, and it doesn’t really go well in the professional setting. Therefore, it’s best to skip using a lip gloss. However, make sure to exfoliate your lips the previous night using a lip scrub to make your lips feel softer and smoother. You can either apply a cream or matte lipstick in light shades to make your makeup look more natural and youthful.

Use neutral eyeshadow shades

If you want to do your eye makeup for the interview, it’s best to stick to neutral eyeshadow shades instead of opting for bold and rich colors. You should pick the shade that doesn’t stand out but only helps in accentuating your eyes. The key is to get your makeup to look as simple and natural as possible. Avoid using any shimmery eyeshadow as it can look a bit too much for a professional setting. Sticking to shades that match your skin tone is probably your safest bet.

Don’t go overboard with your eye makeup

Since you’re going to attend an interview and not some kind of event or wedding, you should probably keep yourself from going overboard with your eye makeup. Keep the eye makeup as simple as possible. Two to three coats of mascara and thin eyeliner would work perfectly well. Also, avoid going for a cat-eye as it can look OTT. Additionally, nicely groomed brows help in accentuating your eyes and make your face look more defined, so make sure to get rid of extra strands brow hair and fill them in nicely using a brow pencil.

Add a hint of color to your cheeks

A little bit of color on the cheeks would never hurt; in fact, it will help in giving you a flushed appearance. Additionally, adding a hint of color to the cheeks makes your skin look more healthy and youthful, therefore, you should definitely wear blush while doing your makeup for an interview. Just make sure to use a blush that looks natural and skin-like, anything brighter would make you look like a clown.

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