This season elevate the look with a blazer

When it comes to elevating the look one of the ways to do so is by layering clothes or adding something to the look. There are so many things you can layer and enhance your outfit. One of those is a blazer. Blazers are a wonderful piece of cloth that you can wear when you are feeling cold when you want to look formal when you want to be dressy, or when you just want to layer up and create a fashionable look. It is more of a must-have item rather than a piece of fashion. Get some fashionable and chic blazers and style them together with your other clothes to create stunning outfits this season.

There are several kinds of blazers that you can get to elevate your outfit this season

1: Tweed blazer

Tweed blazer is back in trend. This is a stunning blazer that you can pair with any kind of top, blouse, jeans, and pants. You can also get a matching skirt and create a matching set. These blazers provide a touch of femininity to your outfit and make you look cute and chic. This blazer is ideal for an outing, brunch, or a cute get-together. There are several occasions and events where you can wear this blazer.

2: Boyfriend blazer

This blazer is a must-have in every wardrobe as it can go well with almost all kinds of clothes. You can wear this blazer with some casual clothes to go out and complete your chores or to meet people, you can layer it up over a dress or pants and shirt for that formal look, you can layer it over a stylish dress for the party and so on. You can style this up with all kinds of styles and outfits and thus is an ideal blazer that you should get this season to enhance your outfits.

3: Double-breasted blazer

Do you want to make your simple and casual outfits into something dressy and formal? If yes then you should get yourself a double-breasted blazer. Try to get one in a vibrant color to go with the trend rather than going with a classic black blazer. These blazers make the outfit look dressy and formal. You can pair these blazers with a casual outfit like a tank top and jeans or a blouse and jeans or can even pair them with a dress or skirt and a top.

4: Cropped blazer

One of the latest and trending blazers out there is a cropped blazer. This means that you get a blazer that reaches your waist or around. Usually, with this blazer, you can pair a matching skirt or shorts, and voila you get a look. If not then you can always match it with some jeans or pants. This is a stylish and chic blazer that you can use to layer your outfit with and get a new and better look. You can get this blazer in different colors.

5: Houndstooth blazer

This blazer is a classic one that you can wear on both formal as well as non-formal occasions. All you need to do is pair the right kind of clothes with this blazer to create the desired look. You can pair this houndstooth blazer with a nice buttondown and tailored pants for a nice office look. You can also wear it with shorts or jeans to level up your casual look. There are so many ways to style this blazer. Add a new blazer to your collection and style your outfits with it this season.

It is time to be stylish and trendy and at the same time chic and elegant. A blazer is an essential item in a wardrobe that you can use to layer up. You can create different kinds of styles with a single blazer. The list above tells you about some of the trendy and fashionable blazers that you can use to create some trendy and chic outfits this season. The list does not end here. There are other kinds of blazers and other jackets and coats that you can look for when you want to layer something over your outfit.

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