Tips and tricks to survive a bad haircut

Haircut gone wrong? Well, you have officially joined the group of girls that have experienced this nightmare. A haircut is supposed to give you an extra boost of confidence and make you look your best self, but when things don’t go the right way, we often find ourselves in a situation where we end up getting the worst haircut ever. A bad haircut is one of the worst things to happen to any girl; it can easily shatter their confidence and makes them feel miserable for at least a few weeks. And since it’s not a reversible process, the only thing you can do is to make your peace with your hair and carry on with your life as your hair will eventually grow out at some point and stop looking weird.
You can’t let a bad haircut put you in misery, it’s not the end of the world, there’s still some hope left, and we are here to give you that hope. Lucky for you, we have got some amazing tips and tricks for you on how you can survive a bad haircut and make your hair look decent despite looking its awkward self.

Speak to your hairstylist

Before you choose to do things any other way, it’s best to speak to your hairstylist first and consult him about the ways on how to salvage this absolutely tricky and intimidating situation, if any. Consulting your stylist would also give both you and him/her a chance to understand what went wrong, and since stylists have years of experience, they usually know of ways that help to salvage situations like these.

Befriend bobby pins

Bobby pins can prove to be your absolute life savior during such disastrous situations; therefore, if you don’t already have a pack of bobby pins in your kit, you need to invest in one right away. You can use this hair accessory in an array of options. Whether you are looking to add hair extensions or creating a chic and fabulous hairstyle, bobby pins would come in super handy, and they will certainly save you from all the awkward and weird hair moments.

Headgear to the rescue


If you aren’t really a hair accessory person, you will have to become one in order to get out of this awkward situation. Hair accessories can do more wonders to your look than you can imagine. If you cannot let your hair loose because of a bad haircut, you can use headgears to cover it up for you without making it look too obvious that you are trying to conceal something.  You can either sport a floppy hat, or you can wrap a pretty scarf around your head to keep things looking interesting and stylish.

Headbands FTW!!!

Another hair accessory to make it on our list is the headbands. Aside from looking all cute and chic, they can also help in covering up for a bad haircut quite effortlessly. If your hairstylist accidentally went quite short with your bangs that are looking absolute horror, these headbands would come to your easy rescue. You can sport them with pretty much every outfit of yours, they won’t only keep people from noticing your bad haircut but will also up the style quotient of your outfit.

You can never go wrong with the top knot

Whether it’s a bad hair day or you want to add some fun element to your look, the top knot has always been our most favorite way to get us out from some tricky situations. You can also use this updo as a way to conceal your bad haircut.

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