Tips for rocking barely-there makeup look like a pro

Barely-there makeup look or fondly known as the no-makeup makeup look has got a different fan base. It is the current talk of the town, and if we are being honest, there’s nothing not to be loved about this trend. While red lips or smokey eyes add ounces of drama to the look and make everything look more intense and glamorous, there are days when we want the makeup to look more subtle and natural, and that’s where barely-there makeup comes into the picture. No amount of appreciation would truly be able to describe how naturally beautiful this makeup looks. Even without all that jazz and drama, it manages to elevate the entire look and makes you look more appealing. The best part about no-makeup makeup look is almost every person can pull off this look gracefully, and it works wonderfully for all kind of occasions, no matter how big or small.
However, when it comes to rocking barely-there makeup, people tend to go wrong at some steps but don’t worry, we have got you covered. Listed below are a few tips and tricks that will help you pull off barely-there makeup look effortlessly.

Keep the coverage light

Since this makeup is all about keeping the entire look more natural and not fake, you will have to be a little careful with the coverage of products you are using. When it comes to your concealer, pick the one with medium-coverage and not full-coverage. Apply it underneath your eyes, blemishes, or any kind of imperfection and blend it on your skin using a damp makeup sponge.

Use a light foundation or powder for the base

Creating the base is one of the most crucial steps in this entire makeup look; therefore, you will have to very careful here. You can either opt for a light and airy foundation, or you can stick to powder to create a non-cakey and natural-looking base. Also, blend the product evenly on your face using a brush or damp makeup sponge to achieve an even and non-streaky finish. The lighter you keep the base, the natural and skin-like it will look.

Ditch the liner

You don’t want to go overboard with makeup, since we are trying to make it look as natural as possible and not otherwise. Therefore, it’s best to skip using the liner as it can look too dramatic for the natural makeup look. You can skip applying the liner on both the top and bottom of the eyes. Instead, you can line your waterline with nude or white liner, and it will instantly make your eyes look wide and bright. Ditching black eyeliner would also make it so much easier for you to take your makeup off.

Use just a little amount of mascara

Just because we are aiming for a natural makeup look, it doesn’t mean you have to keep your eyes away from all the drama. The black liner might look a bit too much, but a little bit of mascara would certainly add the perfect amount of drama to your eyes and make them stand out beautifully. If you have scanty and thin lashes, you can go for mascara, but if you have fuller and long lashes, you can consider skipping the mascara.

Moisturizing is the key

Moisturizing your face is one of the most important steps in this entire process. It is the key to getting your makeup to look dewy and natural. When you apply makeup on dry and dehydrated skin, your skin ends up looking flaky and cakey, which doesn’t make for a pleasant sight. Therefore, use a hydrating moisturizer and apply it gently on your face before you begin with makeup application.

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