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Tips To Make Your Curl Last Longer

Tips To Make Your Curl Last Longer

If you love curling your hair, then you must know how frustrating it is to hold the curl on the hair. Curls are very quick to loosen and tend to drop, thus no matter what tool you use, the curl will fall out in a flick of a second.
However, we have a solution to your problem. In this feed, we have compiled 5 easy tips that will help you to hold your curls for a longer time. So, if you follow these tips while curling your hair, you can surely attend the bash with curls! Whether you want to do beachy waves or spiral curls, these tips help you put and hold all the types of curls on the hair for a longer time.

Tip 1- Hair Spray Your Hair Before, During, And After

It’s really important to hair spray your hair before, during, and after curling the hair. The hair spray helps to hold the curls for a very long time. Hair spray will make the texture of your hair rough and this roughness will help the curls to last longer on the hair.
If you use a hair spray, you’ll notice a huge difference in the longevity of the curls you put.

Tip 2- Put Small Curls


Prefer using small curling barrels. The whole idea of using a small curling barrel is to make your curls last longer. The small curling barrel will put small curls and the smaller the curls are the longer they will last.
Another thing to keep in mind is to always work on a small section of hair while curling the hair. Have some patience while curling your hair and grab small sections of your hair each time and curl them. The smaller the section the longer the curl will last.

Tip 3- Get The Curler That Enables You To Set The Heat

The temperature of the curling rod you use plays an important role in the longevity of the curls. Thus, make sure the curling rod you use has a heat setting.
The heat setting function enables you to set the best temperature that makes the curl last longer. Always set the temperature between 300o F to 350o F, that’s the temperature which ideally gives your curl the life.
Also, the heat setting will not damage your hair as you have the power to set the temperature.

Tip 4- Allow Your Curls To Cool

As we said you should have some patience will curling your hair. What the majority of us do is whenever we put the curl, we don’t let it cool down before actually releasing it.
Once, you curl a section of your hair, hold it in your hand as it is and let it cool down. This tip will make sure your curl is in the same shape as you put it on the hair. You can also use clips to hold the curl until they cool down, the longer you wait the stronger the curl will last. So, release the clip once you’re done with all the sections of your hair.

Tip 5- Be Gentle While Removing The Clips

While you remove the clips make sure you do not break the curls and gently remove the curls. If you want to give a nice wavy texture to the curls, you can rub a brush gently.

So, these are the tips that you should follow while curling your hair. These tips will surely add life to the curls and all your efforts of curling the hair will not turn out to be futile. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!