Tops that you can wear when you are styling a suit

When you are wearing semi-formals or formals one of the clothes that are used the most are suits. You can style them and get a wonderful formal look. You can change the look from formula to semi-formal and vice versa with the helo of the tops you wear under the blazer. The top decides the vibe of the suit. You can also wear a top or blouse with a nice pair of pants and heels and go with it. There is no compulsion of wearing the blazer along with the outfit if you do not feel like it. Create a nice look with nice and subtle makeup for your day at work. Here are some of the tips that you can wear when you are dressing up a suit.

1: Button-down shirt

This is one of the classic and commonly used things when you are styling a suit. It is common to pair a button-down shirt with pants and a blazer for that formal and professional look. You can style this shirt with the suit and can wear heels with it to complete the look. There are popover blouses that look like a shirt but do not have buttons and thus protect you from the uncomfortable gap between the buttons.

2: Ruffled collar shirt

Ruffle collar shirts add a new element of fashion to the normal shirt and suit outfit. You can use these shirts and wear them in suits, with just the pants, with jeans, and with skirts when dressing up for work. They add a touch of elegance and style to the formal look. These shirts are stunning and work well with all suits. You can get them in several materials and designs. They look great and make you look fashionable.

3: A plain t-shirt

If you are going after a semi-formal look or a light look then you can wear a normal plain tee under the blazer. It looks great and stylish. You can tuck the t-shirt under the pants and can layer the outfit with a blazer. This look is a bit casual and you can wear it on daily basis to work. You can pair it with heels or can even wear sneakers or shoes for a comfortable yet professional look.

4: A corset top

Let’s move toward the dressier side of the suits. If you are someone who likes to be trendy and stylish with the outfits then you need to get yourself some corset tops. These tops look stunning when they are paired with pants and then layered with a blazer. The look is trendy and stunning and makes you look amazing. You can complete the look with heels and light daily makeup. This is a nice look to wear for a formal or informal party. This is a versatile look. You can even style it for a wedding.

5: Cropped top/ tank top

Looking for a casual way to style a suit. Get your pants and blazer out and pair them with a crop top. These three things together make the outfit casual yet stylish. You can pair this look with shoes or heels and voila you are good to go. You can wear a tank top or a crop top with the pants and blazer and can complete then look. You can let go of the blazer and create a comfortable, casual look with pants and a crop top too.

The list of tops that you can wear with a suit is endless. The list above tells you about just the five of them. You can use them and style them accordingly and have a great time in your office. When you dress up and feel confident in what you are wearing, it makes you more confident which will make you feel much better at work. Always stay confident and comfortable in what you wear. You can look for other tops to wear or some other kind of formal dress and outfits to wear at work. You can be creative and innovative and add some new elements to your outfits and mix and match them to create new and stylish work wears.

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