Useful tips to prevent sunglasses from ruining your makeup

As much as we like adding a finishing touch to our outfits with a fancy pair of sunglasses, we cannot ignore the fact that these sunglasses can also end up ruining the makeup on which we probably spend a couple of minutes perfecting it every morning. And this isn’t something that happens occasionally; it’s an everyday story for us and has become an additional hassle, which can feel too frustrating at times. We love a pair of chic sunglasses as much as we love our perfectly done makeup, and there’s no way we would sacrifice one thing for another. Hence, we took it upon us to find some solution for it.
No, we won’t ask you to stop wearing your sunglasses or to skip wearing makeup as both things are important in their own way. While sunglasses help in shielding your delicate eyes from blinding and harmful sun rays, makeup, on the other hand, makes you feel more confident about your skin. But that ugly deny left behind by your sunglass on the sides of your nose ends up being a nuisance, and while you may think that the only way to prevent this situation is to not wear your favorite sunnies, we have got some really amazing tips for you that will never allow you sunglasses to ruin your makeup ever again.

Use primer without fail

Using a primer is an essential step in this entire process. You should use your primer without fail as it helps in keeping the foundation intact on your face. When you wear your foundation without using a primer, the friction between glasses and foundation ends up lifting the product from the skin, and that’s when the dent appears on the nose. Therefore, you should always use a primer on your face before you put on a foundation; make sure to pay extra attention to the area around your nose.

Spritz a little amount of setting spray on your makeup sponge

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your foundation stays put on your face for a longer duration is to apply the product with a damp makeup sponge. But merely using a damp makeup sponge won’t help you much, you will have to do a bit more to achieve the desired result. After you are done dampening your makeup sponge, spritz a little amount of makeup setting spray on the sponge and then use it to apply your foundation on the face. This little trick will make sure that the foundation is settled perfectly on to the skin, which further will prevent it from getting lifted away with your sunglasses.

Use foundation in a matte finish

When it comes to picking the finish of your foundation, you shouldn’t use a dewy foundation to create the base, a foundation in a matte finish is a more suitable choice to achieve the desired base. Additionally, matte foundations stay put on your face for much longer than foundations in a dewy finish. Granting their heavy formula, matte foundations don’t budge from the skin.

Baking might help

If you have extremely oily skin, chances are your foundation doesn’t stay in place for much longer, which can be a huge headache for anyone. There’s one way to prevent your face from turning into a greasy mess and keeping your foundation from getting lifted because of your sunglasses, and that involves baking. For this, you will need some loose translucent powder, which is basically supposed to be applied on the sides of your nose with the help of a makeup sponge. After letting the powder sit on your nose for a couple of minutes, you can sweep it away using a lathe fluffy brush. It will ensure that your foundation stays in place and doesn’t budge.

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