Wardrobe basics women over 50 are wearing this fall

Fashion and style have nothing to do with age, as long as you’ve got that passion for keeping your fashion game on point, you can keep wearing clothing pieces that speak to you and make you feel more confident. Although it’s the trends that keep doing rounds on social media and are a huge part of women’s wardrobe, wardrobe basics are also an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. They are the foundation of any wardrobe and the key to creating some easy-to-carry and wearable outfits for an everyday basis.
With some trendy basics in your wardrobe, you are basically sorted for days when you need your outfit to look a bit casual but still want to give it a current and forward feel. And the basics in question aren’t trendy in a way that they look over the top or hard to carry, it’s just the modern updates given to them to keep them looking fresher and make them feel more current. Listed below are all the 5 wardrobe basics women over 50 are wearing this fall.

Shoulder pad t-shirt

If we speak of t-shirts, there’s this one trend that’s all the rage at the moment and seems to have become every fashion girl’s favorite, regardless of the age. Although it’s a new trend in the town, it has already managed to make the headlines in such a short period of time. T-shirts with padded shoulders are the current talk of the town. Whether worn with pants or trousers, it instantly makes the whole outfit come across as really strong and powerful with a forward touch to it.

Relaxed tailored

The way your clothing pieces are tailored can make your outfit look a certain way. While tailored pieces, which continue to have a strong influence on articles like blazer and trousers make the outfit look more structured and streamlined, clothing pieces in more relaxed silhouettes are becoming fashion people’s favorite. Clothing pieces featuring long hemlines and languid shapes exude a very relaxed vibe and look all the more chic when paired with sleek and sophisticated pieces like a shirt, padded t-shirt, etc.

Knit dresses

Knit dresses are one of the biggest trends of this season. Of all the trends that have been introduced this fall, knit dresses are easily one of the best fall trends and they look every bit of chic and forward. Considering how timeless, versatile, and super comfortable knit dresses are, it’s safe to say that this trend is our personal favorite, and it needs to be added to the wardrobe right away. Since detailings are what basics are all about this season, knit dresses featuring asymmetric necklines and belted waist are the most popular and trending pieces right now.

Wide-leg denim

Denim is a wardrobe staple, and whether or not we wear them during summer, they become our go-to piece during fall and winter. The skinny jeans trend seems to have lost its charm, and the only pair of jeans that will get you through fall/winter this year is the wide-leg denim, which is the current talk of the town and is one of the most trending pieces at the moment. The wider silhouette of this denim feels fresher, and it looks even more stylish with a gorgeous puff-sleeve top.

Stirrup leggings

Who said leggings always have to be simple and boring? The recent and modern update given to the leggings is proof that your leggings can look chic too. The stirrup legging trend is one of the newest trends of the season, and it is believed to be everywhere this fall. Given how cool this piece looks, sporting it with relaxing silhouettes like a boxy blazer makes the whole outfit feel all the more chic and fashion-forward.

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