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Witness these beauty trends take over your social media feed in 2021

Witness these beauty trends take over your social media feed in 2021

Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives, no matter where we are or wherever we go, our social media is the one to keep us updated about pretty much everything that’s been happening around the world, and what’s about to come. We are finally getting to make the most out of technology, and it definitely has changed our outlook on so many things, including beauty trends. Once there was a time when we used to get updates on the latest fashion and beauty trends through magazines and red carpet events, but we all have come a long way and things have changed now.

Social media is a huge platform to showcase your work, and all the beauty influencers and makeup artists are making the best use out of it. Whether you are looking to get some updates or for some inspiration, you can learn about all the latest happenings in the beauty world through social media. Speaking of which, there are a couple of beauty trends that are all set to take over our social media in 2021, if you are curious to know about them, then keep scrolling down.



Skinimalism is predicted to be one of the biggest beauty trends of the year; the popularity of this trend is already on the rise. This trend surfaced on our social media during the pandemic, and the whole idea behind this trend is to encourage women to ditch heavy foundations and cakey formulas and pay more attention to skincare. Instead of spending all your time on blending the base perfectly, you should focus more on caring for your skin. This is what this trend suggests.


The 80s curls

We are witnessing a lot of 80s and 90s trends making a comeback this year, and one of the many trends to join the list is the 80s curls. While some 90s trends like brown lipsticks, shag haircuts are bubbling right now, the beauty enthusiasts are throwing it back even further. Sporting big curls was a thing back in the 80s, and this trend is all set to make a comeback this year. If you have always been a fan of the 80s era, then this is your best chance to add some 80s touch to your look in a modern way.


Bold eyes

Eye makeup will continue to remain the focal point of our looks this year. since face masks end up covering the mouth area, your eyes are the only way to add an interesting and striking element to your makeup look. While people who like to keep their makeup minimal might refrain from giving this trend a try, if you like experimenting with bold looks, then you should definitely hop on this trend. There are so many stunning ways to rock bold eyes such as graphic eyeliner, shimmer eyeshadow, rainbow eyeshadow, etc.


Pastel eyeliner

If you are looking to switch up your makeup look, then using pastel eyeliner is one of the easiest ways to jazz up the look. Instead of using classic black eyeliner, you should use some fun and quirky shades to add an interesting twist to the look. Simply drawing a thin or thick line using pastel eyeliner will instantly transform your entire look.


Bright and OTT nails

The word OTT is not just for makeup, but it goes well with the nail department as well. While everybody can rock a simple manicure, you can set yourself apart from others by sporting OTT nails. It is an easy way to draw attention even when you are wearing a plain and mundane outfit.