5 Smart And Easy Hacks To Cover The Bald Spots

If you’re dealing with bald spots and looking for easy ways to cover these up, this article will show you easy and genius hacks or tricks to cover bald patches, bald spots, or bald edges of your scalp.
Some portions of your scalp have scanty hair growth or in case you have severe hair fall, your hair starts becoming brittle and hence, fall which leads to bald patches. While you’re trying out remedies to grow your hair back which, of course, will take some time, these 5 hacks are an instant fix to the problem. So, let’s get started!

Eye Shadow+ Eye Primer

Using matte eye shadow in the shade to the closet match of your hair can work miraculously in covering bald patches without even looking harsh. All you have to do is-
• Take any eye primer that you love using on your eyes and with the help of a brush apply it over the area where you have less hair.
• Now apply the matte eye shadow with the help of the brush. The primer will help hold the eye shadow.
• Using a fluffy blending brush, blend the eye shadow properly so that there are no harsh lines left.
• Using a hairbrush, brush throughout the area so that everything looks seamless.


Another great hack from your makeup bag to cover the bald patches is using waterproof mascara. This is a super easy hack but you have to be very careful while doing this.
• Take waterproof mascara in the shade that suits best to your hair shade.
• Take a disposable mascara wand if you don’t have it you can also use your old mascara wand, clean it, and then use it as a disposable wand.
• Dip the wand in the mascara and apply it with light hands over the bald spots.
• Make sure you’re working slowly.
Let the mascara dry and then use a hairbrush to even out everything.

Eye Brow Pencil

If you have slight bald patches but still want to cover up those, this is a great hack but it works only if you have minor bald spots.
• Use eyebrow pencil in the best shade, start filling the bald spots in gentle upward strokes.
• Make sure you fill it in the same way as you fill your brows, light feathery strokes.
• To set everything in place you can also brush over brow mascara.
To make everything even, use a hairbrush afterward.

Hair Extensions

Nowadays you don’t have to buy a complete set of extensions as special patches to cover the bald spots are available and using these are so simple.
If you have severe bald spots that show up using a side patch, work best.
Clip-in extensions are very easy to use, just fix it where you have scanty growth, and voila! It’s done!
Choose the extension in the shade that matches your hair, so that there is a natural cover-up of bald spots.

Cocoa Powder

• Take cocoa powder in a bowl and if you have the light hair color you can add a pinch of turmeric powder to make it work for the lighter hair shade too.
• Dip a big fluffy makeup brush into the bowl and tap off the excess.
• Now apply the brush over the area you want to cover.
• Use a makeup spray to fix everything in place. And, you’re done!

So, these are a few hacks that will help you cover the bald patches. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help.

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