Easy and cost-effective ways to achieve lustrous hair

When it comes to the hair, we girls do everything in our power to make it look lustrous and healthy even if it means getting a regular hair spa or haircuts. While hair treatments certainly make your locks look very healthy and lustrous, they certainly don’t end well for your pocket. But we would like to tell you that you don’t always have to choose the expensive treatments to keep your hair game going strong, there are some other ways you can achieve the hair of your dreams. What makes these hacks all the more amazing and practical is that they are cost-effective and super easy to try at home. Now without any further ado, let’s take a look at all the wonderful hacks you can use to achieve lustrous locks.

Create beach waves using an invisibobble hair tie

Looking for a heatless way to give your hair that nice beachy wave effect? Look no further than invisibobble hair ties that can help you achieve beach waves quite easily. This technique works best when your hair is damp, so as soon as you head out of the shower, you need to get going with this hack. Firstly, divide your hair into two sections by parting it from the middle, and then take each section and create a top knot by securing it using an invisibobble hair tie, repeat the same step with other section. After your hair has dried down, you can take the hair ties off. Run your fingers through the hair, and there you have soft, beach waves.

Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar in the middle of hair wash

Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar is one of the easiest and effective ways to achieve lustrous locks; this trick is especially a great one for those who only believe in treating their hair using natural remedies. Take some apple cider vinegar and water in a bottle, jar, or whatever you like in a 1:3 ratio. Once you are done washing your hair with a shampoo, tilt your head backwards and rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar while making sure that it doesn’t come in contact with your mouth or eyes. Massage the product into your root, and then rinse it with water followed by a conditioner. It is an excellent remedy for people with dry, lifeless, and lackluster hair.

Spritz dry shampoo on your hair the previous night

This hack will come in super handy for girls with fine hair who are struggling to add some volume into their mane. While most people usually apply the dry shampoo sometime before heading out of the house, you will have to spritz the product the previous night. When you sleep with dry shampoo on, it tends to work in a better way since you won’t be running your fingers through your hair which can end up transferring bacteria or oil onto your mane. This will make sure that your hair looks lifted and not weighed-down.

Tame flyaways using a toothbrush

Flyaways can be super annoying, not to mention, they can easily ruin your hairstyle. The only way to keep flyaways from bringing your hair game down is by taming them using a toothbrush. For this hack, you will need a clean toothbrush and hairspray. Spritz some hairspray on the bristles of the toothbrush and use it tame your flyaways. This way your hairstyle will stay put throughout the day.

Use the backcombing technique to add volume to your hair

Voluminous hair is what every girl desires to have, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with one. But you don’t need to lose your hopes yet, there’s a way you can fake voluminous mane. The backcombing technique is a very popular way to add volume to your hair and make it look thicker and fuller. Take a fine-tooth comb and backcomb your hair in sections. This will instantly add ounces of volume to your thin, fine hair.

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